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Biola Ige speaks on nude scene in Desperate Hawkers

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  • ‘Muna Obekwe only pecked the top of my breasts; he never sucked them’

PRETTY fast rising actress, Biola Ige is in the news again and the reason is not far-fetched.  The social media went viral about her picture with Nollywood bad boy, Muna Obiekwe sucking her boobs.  ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with the light skinned actress on Friday, March 14, 2014, and she told us the movie, Desperate Hawkers was shot in 2012.  She also talked about her relationship with Muna, where she is headed and much more…

biola igeWhat is the latest about Biola Ige?

I am just trying to pick up the pieces of my life, having been out of the movie industry for three years now. I have been having a running battle with ill health.  But now it has been a roller coaster.

What kind of illness is that?

Thyroid gland is an imbalance in hormones. It has to do with your thyroid gland and it is either your thyroid gland is over working itself or under-working itself.  If it’s under working itself, that means you have a low function of thyroid.  But if it is overworking itself, that means you are hyper.  And if you are hyper, it affects the heart, eyes, skin tone, your palpitation and every other thing.  Mine was actually hyper and I was really disfigured and I didn’t even know what it was.

Was it because you were off movies for three years, that’s why you decided to take a porn movie role?

No!  I did that movie two years ago.  I was still ill and I did it.  This is what I love to do best, I am an artist and this movie was shot two years ago.  I can’t even remember the scene Muna sucked my breast.

What is the title of the movie?

The title of the movie is Desperate Hawkers.

How much were you paid?

I cannot disclose the amount I was paid. No matter how much I was paid it is what I love to do.  When I wake in the morning, I love to hear the director say action. It’s something I love to do, no matter how much I am being paid.

biola_ige20What moral lesson does this movie have?

The lesson in it is about young girls who hawk on the street and the only way they could assist themselves and their siblings is to hawk.  When she noticed the hawking thing could not help her, she started sleeping around with men.  And she slept with this married man, she got pregnant and the man asked her to abort it.  She did and died.  I, Biola Ige can’t take a role that does not have a moral lesson and I want Nigerians to embrace change in the movie industry.  They are the ones saying our movies are worthless and when you see an artist trying to come out with a new thing, encourage him.  I was trying to bring out a character that does not exist.  This is outside my comfort zone.  Nigerians are always professing self righteousness. They would say, me I cannot do it o!  Forgetting that you are interpreting a character that you’re not.  If you see me in a movie role, you should know I am doing it out of my comfort zone and that is why it is called acting.

You said you were off the scene for three years, but some people alleged that it is was because you were broke that is why you decided to act a porn movie?

Not at all.  Sometime back, I told ENCOMIUM Weekly it was a difficult time for me.  I exhausted everything and even sold my car.  I don’t believe anybody owes me anything.  If I come to you to borrow me money and you say you don’t have, you don’t owe me because you are not working for me, you are working for yourself.  When I was ill, I lost everything I had.  That was why people did not see me on the cover of a magazine begging for support.  I will not do that.  So, they can’t tell me I took that role because I was broke.  This movie was shot two years ago.

For you to be comfortable in such role with Muna Obiekwe, what is your relationship with him?

We all love different sides of acting.  Angelina Jolie cannot act a weeping or gentle role.  Muna is an extraordinary actor for him to take such role.  For me, as Biola Ige, I can do any character with the help of my director.  It is called acting.  If you don’t have the big heart for it, don’t come.  If you don’t have the capacity and passion for it, don’t do it.  I can take up any role.  Before that episode, I never met Muna, I don’t need to be in a relationship to act with anybody.  I am an actor.  Muna is a married man. I saw him just once and the next time I saw him was on that movie set.

DSC_5018Did he actually suck your boobs?

Not at all, I am using this medium to ask people go back and watch Desperate Hawkers.

When was the movie released?

It was released in 2012.

So, why is the picture going viral now?

Obviously, that is another question for whoever released the picture.  Kudos to them. This is an opportunity for whoever released it, after two years to reply. It’s mischievous.

Who is the producer of the movie?

Her name is Ruth Eze.

Are you not disturbed by the criticisms and negative publicity arising from your role in the movie, especially where Muna was sucking your boobs?

No, I am not!  My dad is alive.  Thank goodness he does not have access to internet. But my brother saw the picture and he was so disturbed.  He asked me what really happened and I told him that was not me. He was not sucking my boobs.  What I remember was the director said action and Muna pecked me on top of my breast and he said baby go inside I am coming.  That was the scene. Two years later, I saw a picture of him sucking my boobs. My brother said I am an actress and I am getting my money from there, don’t be disturbed about it and he will make sure nobody in the family gets bothered about it.  After all, it is called acting.

Do we get to see more of you in such movies?

Yes, if the story is well told, good message.   I am an actress, if I reincarnate, I will choose acting.  If a director comes with a script and I am okay with it, I am going to take it.

Your guy’s reaction?

Thank God I don’t have one.  If anybody must date me, he must understand the nature of my job.  As Biola Ige, I am an actress.  If you must date me, you must provide me with everything life has to offer and I mean everything and definitely that cannot happen. But when one gets to a certain stage, you won’t be able to do anything. But now I am still young and why not invest this talent fruitfully?  This is a chance for the industry to go forward, but Nigerians don’t want change and this is change, time to know who is real and who is not.

Are you saying you can act nude?

I can act nude in Hollywood not in Nollywood.  Look at this picture that went viral, if I now act nude that means they will stone me to death.  If it is Hollywood they will hail me to high heavens. Here in Nigeria, people are bound to say anything.  Look at Lupita Nyong’o in 12 Years A Slave, was she not naked when they were beating her?  Does she not have parents?  Did she not win Oscars?

biola igeBut our tradition differs…

Don’t forget she is an African. But she saw the way people reacted to her own acting in that part of the world where she would be more accepted.  Immediately that happened, success and fame came and her people accepted her as their own.  Even if her parents were angry before, they are smiling because they are now in millions.  Did she not walk the red carpet with her mother?  What she won is not silver it was gold!  And that could feed the family for a number of years.  If Biola Ige takes a nude role, it is interpreted in a very negative form. I don’t know why Nigerians are hypocrites. I will act nude in Hollywood, where I would be accepted and the story will be well told.

How old are you?

I am in my 20s.

What do you have for your fans?

For my fans who believe in me, I pray God will accomplish every one’s dream. I want them to love each other and I love them all. I want to pass a message to my fans, you don’t achieve anything when you envy so much.  If you want to be like somebody, appreciate the person and yours will come to you.  And to my haters, thank you very much for the love, support and rubbish comments.  I love you guys.  It is because of your hate I am still relevant.  If you don’t hate someone that means there is something wrong with you. I love my fans and my haters.



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