Covenant University Under Fire For Expelling Student Over Naked Video

There is a mixed reaction over the expulsion of a 100-level Covenant University student simply known as Bisi after a video of her twerking naked went viral on Wednesday, April 2, 2014. Although the young girl was scolded for profanity, huge criticism has trailed the bishop for expelling her out rightly.

In the clip, Bisi was seen stark naked in the three minute 44 second video, dancing and twerking with her fully clothed roommate who goes by the name MhiZ Jacklyn.

The video which was made available to ENCOMIUM Weekly was shot in the university hostel with the aid of a webcam attached to the laptop of Jacklyn.

BisiIn the video, which has since become an Internet sensation, Jacklyn and another female student joined Bisi in the dance, but with their clothes on.

They watched the video, laughed over it and then Mhiz allegedly deleted the video but forgot to delete it completely from her recycle bin.

The video was said to have found its way to the Internet when Bisi and Jacklyn’s mutual male friend, who had been making unsuccessful advances to Bisi allegedly got hold of the video on the laptop that was used for the recording. The guy whose identity is still shrouded in secrecy found the video and copied it on his flash drive. He threatened Bisi that he would leak the video if she failed to dance to his tune. She called his bluff and he released the video.

The video spread swiftly and the school authority got wind of it and expelled her instantly.

Writing on her Twitter page shortly after being expelled on Thursday, April 3, 2014, Bisi lamented that a friend, whom she had so much trust and confidence in, betrayed her.

She said Jacklyn did not show the slightest inclination that she could do something of such, especially when both of them featured in the video.

Expressing sadness at the humiliation she has experienced so far, she tweeted, “I can never trust anyone on this earth anymore. Why me? It’s a wicked world. May God punish whoever leaked that video. See all what you (Jacklyn) have caused. People just want to bring you down, regardless of whether they go down with you.

You were in the video and you still leaked it. You’ve destroyed my life and my everything. I’ve always been a happy girl.”

Jacklyn, while trying to prove her innocence in the debacle, said she deleted the explicit video almost immediately after it was shot.

She, however, noted that the unnamed male friend might have picked up the video from the computer’s recycle bin, as she forgot to delete it from there.

Bisi2The recycle bin is the temporary storage for files that have been deleted in a file manager but not yet permanently erased from the computer system.

Pleading for forgiveness from her friend, Jacklyn tweeted, “I wasn’t the one who leaked the video. And to Bisi, sorry: it was (from) my laptop that the guy got the video. I never had any intention of leaking the video. I deleted the video but forgot to delete it from the recycle bin. It was never my intention to leak any video of such. I am really sorry”

However, insiders squealed to us that some of the students have expressed their opinion against the outright expulsion of the young woman.  While some believed that she was a victim and does not deserve the punishment meted out against her, others claimed she is the architect of her own misery.

“The Institution is expected to be for decent and godly children of God not this kind of unserious elements. The three of them need to be suspended, they are children of Belia.”


AKINWALE ROTIMI – “It’s common for ladies in female hostel to be naked likewise in male hostel, especially in the university. Her friend must have put on the camera on her laptop with that fore thought. The girl was already naked before the camera was on, besides, Jacklyn put on the music and encouraged the whole scene.

Why was Jacklyn covering up herself more appropriately as soon as she put on the camera, if the video was just for fun? It was an intentional thing to destroy the happy girl.

I don’t see any other culprit here than Jacklyn that could be so wicked to record her friend’s video in the first place. It’s an infringement on her privacy and trust, Bisi was just taking the screen for a mirror while dancing.

The young lady should continue with her life because she still has a long way to go. She shouldn’t be depressed and continue to be a happy girl but with cautiousness. She should get another university somewhere like abroad and feel like nothing happened”


OLA GENIUS – “Any observant analyst would easily know that this was a premeditated betrayal on the part of Jacklyn.

She knew what she was doing and where it would all end. It was a clear setup, as Jacklyn kept encouraging the would-be victim and ensured that the camera was continuously focused on her. Even when the carefree dancer was away from the camera, Jacklyn would adjust it so it could capture her nudity, while she (Jacklyn) made sure her own dressing was not tampered with in anyway. Jacklyn unwittingly gave clear-cut signals that she was bent on evil, but Bisi was either too engrossed or too trusting to notice that she was dancing her way into a slimy, sticky and very scandalous snare.”


SAMUEL OLADOKUN – “I make bold to opine that the school is wrong in expelling the young lady – akin to throwing her to the dogs. What she needed was parental rebuke, counselling, and a dose of punishment to drive home the folly of her action. After all, omo eni kii buru titi ki a fi fun ekun paje! Is the school more concerned about protecting their ‘ squeaky clean ‘ image above redeeming a soul in love? Jesus would not have done what the school did”


OLUSHOLA – “Knowing CU the way I do, Bisi will be expelled. However, I believe that is not the right thing to do. The students in CU are children too, just like other children. I remember our days in the boarding school too!!!”


OLUFEMI BAMIGBOYE – “Bisi, sorry o. Why blaming your ‘friend’? Was that what you were -sent to school to do? I thought you are a born again Christian? Indeed, there is difference between religion and Christianity. I pray for you for a genuine encounter with lover of your soul- Jesus Christ, amen!”


When we contacted the corporate affairs officer of the institution on Friday, April 4, 2014, he declined to comment on the issue.





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