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Bishop Tom Samson speaks on N7 billion Royal City dedication

BISHOP Tom Samson is the General Overseer of Christ Royal Family International Church.  On Saturday, December 14, 2013, he would clock 47 and has decided to dedicate his much-talked about N7 billion Royal City at Iyesi, Ota, Ogun State.  In an exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he shared his joy with us and much more…

tom samsonWhy did you decide to dedicate Royal City during your birthday and how do you feel?

I discovered that in the past six years, the Royal City project has been going on and God has been so good to us. Because we are starting the second phase of the project, you will notice that over six to seven years ago, the Royal City was a forest and not only the facilities but the environ had become a city.  That is, a forest turned to city.  While this project was going on, there was no time that we render special prayers to showcase or to give thanks to God for what He has done.  You could see that inside the Royal City stadium, where we use for crusade, is five times the size of the College of Education.  That is where we have the massive hospital, great schools, 200 bedroom chalets and many more, but God has been so good.  Apart from celebrating my 47th birthday, it is a good time to appreciate God, especially as we are about to commence the university project in Ewekoro.  We must appreciate God for one thing before we go into another.

Would it be elaborate?

It would be amazing because we are expecting founding fathers of this country, governors, deputy governors, commissioners, ministers, senators.  Also people from various sectors because Nigerians are wonderful people and we all love to celebrate and appreciate what is on ground.  So, it is a good thing for people to appreciate your work and what you have been doing.  They are coming to celebrate with us and it would be a wonderful time.

People marvel how you could achieve this at 47?

Our achievement is a story of grace because grace gives you favour to accomplish what labour cannot achieve.   What takes others 20 years of labour, grace can give you in one year.  Royal City is a showcase of grace and whatever we say is a product of grace.  Just like Paul says, ‘I am what I am by the grace of God.’  The lesson there is, ‘Anybody can be great.’  I started from a humble background and God has done this in my life and it is a story that God can lift up any man.  So, it can be your turn.

Is it true that the Ewekoro project is bigger than Royal City?

Ewekoro is a bigger project.  We are looking at one thousand acres. It will consist of a university, an international estate where members can build their homes and an international conference centre.

We gathered you are also celebrating your ministry’s 22nd anniversary?

This season, the dedication of Royal City is built into our convention.  The ministry would be 22 years and there are programmes that have been set for these, starting Sunday, December 8, 2013, by 3 p.m, Lagos Airport Hotel and by Monday and Tuesday, December 9 and 10, 2013, we move it to the Royal Tower.  From Wednesday, December 10, 2013, we are moving to Royal City for camping and our branches all over the country are all coming to Lagos for the programme at Royal City. On Saturday, by 10 a.m would be the dedication of Royal City and on Sunday, annual thanksgiving and anniversary of the ministry.  Meanwhile, the service on Saturday, would be dedication and my birthday.

All the activities go together but one thing I want our guests to know is that, we would treat them to royalty.  I am a man with excellent taste and class and the name of our church goes with us and affects us.  Christ Royal Family and that is why you see all our buildings and what we do in royal style.  So, all those coming to celebrate should expect nothing but royalty.



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