Bisola weds Tobi: ‘Tobi is a good boy’ – Mrs. Ayoka Odunayo (Bride’s mother)

We congratulate you on your daughter’s wedding today? 

Thank you very much, Alhamdul Lilai.

How do you feel seeing your daughter getting married today? 

I am so happy, so happy for today.

Was it something you have been expecting? 

Not really. I know God will do it in His own time.

Is Bisola your first born? 

She is not my first-born. She is the fourth.

So you have other ones that are already married? 

Yes. All of them are married.

What was your reaction when she first introduced Tobi to you as her future husband? 

I told him I am a Muslim and I ask him if he will do nikkai? He said yes. I am so happy with him.

For how long have known Tobi? 

Five years ago.

What is your impression of him? 

He is a good boy and since I have known him, I have taken him as my son.

What is your prayer for them?

I pray that their marriage will be a successful one.



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