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Bits and pieces from Ogunbadejo/Gbajabiamila colourful Nikkah

  • Couple reveal love story

 MONTHS after staging a fabulous wedding for one of his daughters, medical practitioner, Dr. Adewale Ogunbadejo wore a garb of merriment again as another of his daughters, Kafayat Omotoyosi wedded her lover of 10 years, Abdul Rauf Babajide Gbajabiamila of the famous Gbajabiamila family in Lagos.

It was a beautiful ceremony which started with an engagement on Thursday, May 23, 2013.  They were joined two days later via a colourful Nikkah supervised by Islamic clerics at the Presidential Hall, Sky Pavilion, Adebola House, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos.  Purple and yellow dominated the scene at the reception proceedings anchored by Nollywood actor, Baba Tee.  The well decorated hall accommodated over 1,000 guests from far and near.  Cutting of the cake, dance and backslapping characterized the reception as the couple and well wishers hit the dance floor to gyrate to the music of Faith Band.

For Kafayat Omotoyosi, who is based in South East London, it was an affair that spanned 10 years.  She had known Abdul Rauf Babajide Gbajabiamila, who is based in Minneapolis, US for that long, not knowing that the relationship would end in marriage. They waxed stronger and when they declared their intention to be man and wife, both parents had no hesitation.

In the afternoon, the newly-wed spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly how the journey started.  Their parents too expressed their feelings on that joyous day.


‘I can’t ask for more’

  • Kafayat Omotoyosi Ogunbadejo


Kafayat Omotoyosi Ogunbadejo

Kafayat Omotoyosi Ogunbadejo

As long as I was a kid, about 10, 12 years when we used to follow our parents to wedding parties.  That is when I told my cousin she will be my maid of honour which is exactly what happened now.

When did you actually meet your husband?

Since when I was in secondary school.  We have been friends.  We were not serious about it, after about 10 years later it happened.  We have always been good friends really and I had always prayed I marry someone I love which is what I got.

That means he is the man you have always dreamt of having?

Absolutely, there is no doubt about that.  But it’s 10 years later that I realized that, after we had been friends for that long.

As at the time he proposed, were you expecting it?

I wasn’t, it was more of a surprise.  We were supposed to go out on a dinner.  I remember then in Minneapolis, USA, he just came back from work. It’s more of a trick really.  I wasn’t sure of what was going on and before long he started his speech that I should be his wife, mother of his kids and partner for life and I accepted.

Where will be your new home, US or UK?

The United States.  I am moving there, I studied Law in the university. Hopefully, I will get a job relating to law when I move to Minneapolis, USA.


‘She is pretty, beautiful and elegant’

  • Abdul Rauf Babajide Gbajabiamila
Abdul Rauf Babajide Gbajabiamil

Abdul Rauf Babajide Gbajabiamil

How did the journey actually start?

We had a dance together at a family friend’s house.  From there, it all started.

What was the attraction?

She is pretty, beautiful, elegant.  She has a good personae, cool and calm.  I was attracted to her by these attributes.

When did you make up your mind to propose to her?

It was after last year’s Ramadan I knew it was time to just do it.

What do you look out for in this marriage?

Allah should guide us to love and be kind to each other, the sky is the beginning.

What will you say helped you during courtship?

Patience and the fear of Allah. She is calm.  She knows when I am angry.  She listens to me and when she is angry I calm down.  We made it work by listening to each other.

Have you decided where you will spend your honeymoon?

Yes, we have decided.  We have our plans but I won’t tell you.


‘My joy knows no bound’

  • Lateef Adewale Ogunbadejo, Bride’s father
Lateef Adewale Ogunbadejo

Lateef Adewale Ogunbadejo

Three months ago, you staged a wedding for one of your daughters and today another one, how does that make you feel?

The truth is that it is every parent’s dream to give out their daughter in marriage when they have been brought up.  The level of joy and happiness in my heart cannot be measured.  More important, I am grateful to God The Most High.  One of my nephews had a marriage in April that makes it three weddings this year alone.  That’s financially hectic but when you have children who have made you happy, you can’t but spend on their weddings. I pray that the remaining ones will also come in a greater form.

As it is, it appears you have beautiful daughters bachelors out there are dying to have.

I have three girls and two boys.  The last girl is the prettiest of them. She is in the medical school.  She is the classiest of them. It is a thing of joy to give them out in marriage.  No matter the amount, I am ready to spend to make their day merry.  It’s not that I am rich but I love them and I want to appreciate them for the joy they have given us their parents.

Your advice to the newly-wed?

Fortunately, the groom is like a son. I and his father have been long standing friends.  So, it’s a thing of joy for us to come together.  Since their school days, they have been friends.  I never knew they were still seeing each other even when they went separately for their Masters abroad.  How they reconnected, I didn’t know until when my daughter told me about their intention to marry.  Both parents have successful marriages and I believe they will copy that.  Every marriage has its own shortcomings.  God will see them through.  With love, compassion and tolerance, every other thing will fall in place.


‘God will guide them’

  • Alhaja Riskat Bolanle Mustapha, Bride’s mother
Alhaja Riskat Bolanle Mustaph

Alhaja Riskat Bolanle Mustaph

Describe your feeling for today?

As the mother of the bride, I am so happy that everything went well.  May Almighty Allah bless the marriage with children, long life and prosperity.  I want to thank all those who came with me from the UK, US and every other part of the world to grace this occasion.  May Allah bless them and enrich their pockets.

You are based in the UK?

Yes, I am based in South East London and I work there as well.

Is your daughter based there as well?

Yes, she is with me there.

Looking at her while growing up, how will you describe her kind of personality?

She is a good girl.  She studied Law and has completed her Masters.

What was your first impression about your daughter’s choice?

We started talking on phone.  I realized he is calm and respectful, humble and meeting him one on one, I saw humility and good heartedness.

What’s your advice to the newly-wed?

Everything is in the hands of God.  God will guide them.  They should be best friends.  If anything happens under their roof, they shouldn’t allow it to go outside.


‘They should take care of each other’

  • Engr. Rasheed Akintola Gbajabiamila
Engr. Rasheed Akintola Gbajabiamila

Engr. Rasheed Akintola Gbajabiamila

Tell us about yourself?

I am Engr. Rasheed Akintola Gbajabiamila, a retired civil servant.

Are you somehow related to the popular Gbajabiamila family in Lagos?

We have only one Gbajabiamila in the whole of Nigeria.  We are one of them.

Is this the first time any of your children is doing this kind of ceremony?

I have had series of them for my children.  This particular one, like others was so fantastic.

How does it feel to be united with the Ogunbadejos in marriage?

I and the bride’s father, Dr. Wale Ogunbadejo are in the same club.  Before then, he has been my brother, so it is all about family affair.

Besides, your son has a beautiful lady as wife.

Yes, they have been friends for long.  Both of them are God fearing.

Your advice to the new couple?

They should take good care of each other.


‘It’s a beautiful union?

  • Alhaja Riskat Ariyike Gbajabiamila
Alhaja Riskat Ariyike Gbajabiamila

Alhaja Riskat Ariyike Gbajabiamila

How do you feel today?

Happy and joyous.

How will you describe the ceremony as it all went?

It’s beautiful. I wish the couple a very successful marriage, good children and prosperity.







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