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Whenever you get an invitation which clearly states ‘black tie’, it means only one thing: Very formal attires which translate to tuxedo.  Nothing else will pass unless the shindig is put together by a joker who disobeys rules.

The hallmark of a gentleman is respect.  Respect for everything and everyone.  And dress code should never be transgressed.  Even when you can easily get away with it.

Black tie means black tuxedo, crisp white shirt, black bow tie, waist coat or cummerbund and glittering patent leather shoes.

Any other invention or excuse cannot be admitted by guardians of appropriateness.

Black tie means very formal, and your black tuxedo should be cut in the classic mode.  Single breasted should easier be one or two button, and double breasted not more than six button (including the decorative diagonal ones on your chest!).

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