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Blessing Ejuojo explains operations at Event Village

Event Village is a one stop outfit for event. They specialize in makeup, catering, pateries, decoration and a host of other things. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with Blessing Ejuojo, the brain behind the firm.

What is Event Village?
Event Village is a one stop company, we handle makeup, catering, decoration and all other things to make your event a success. That is why we are called Event Village, getting all your services at one place, we render satisfactory services.
What inspired the decision to go into events?
I have been doing it from secondary school but I decided to go for formal training in 2011. That is how we officially kicked off, God has been good since then.
What is your unique selling point?
Creativity, I am passionate about what I do. I was doing it for free. It was later that I realized I could make money from it. That was what inspired it. Since inception it has not been bad. I have the passion, the zeal for what I do?
How will you describe the journey so far?
So far, it has been good, though it has its ups and downs. People try to discriminate, thinking you wouldn’t be able to handle the event, you don’t even have the capital to do it. They think because you are up coming, you wouldn’t be able to stand at per with the big names. They take things by face value, how you appear, but with God, all things are possible.
Can you tell us the major event that got you your big break?
That was when I catered for marine army from the United State. They came for training in Nigeria for seven days. The military patronize me a lot, they also give me referral, My father was a Customs officer. So, I am used to them. I also render services to civilians. I did one recently, the traditional wedding of Fecilia Otama.
The military has integrity, so far so good, I have enjoyed a robust relationship with them. I have handled their events. They are wonderful people. They pay me promptly. Also, I handled the handing over of Major General Funsho Owonibi and Major General Davies, I also catered for the visit of Chief of Army Staff to the headquarters.
What are some of the challenges?
Nigerians take people by face value, you have to appear big before you will get jobs. Some will even be rude to you before giving you a job‎. For me, because ‎​I have God, nobody can compete with me. I am operating by the grace of God.
How price friendly is Event Village?
I am very affordable. I work with budget. If you want your event very big, we are there to do it, it all depends on your budget. You have to be satisfied first with our service before money. Integrity first, you called me to take the stress off you, I don’t put money first.
What makes a good event planner?
It all depends on individuals, then creativity, ability to bring out good things. Though, some people like to dictate what they want, even when you want to suggest to them, they will insist on their own style.


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