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Blood pressure pills could make you depressed 

A new study cautioned that taking blood pressure tablets could make you depressed. High blood pressure has no symptoms and is often called the ‘silent killer’. It usually leads  to stroke.  Researchers found patients taking blood pressure pills were twice as likely to be hospitalized with mood disorders.

The study revealed that people with no history of depression become depressed after a heart attack. Depression and cardiovascular disease are both common disorders and often occur simultaneously in the same individual.
Scientists at the Glasgow University, the United Kingdom, examined records of 525,046 patients aged between 40 to 80 who were followed for five years. These group were compared to a group of 111,936 patients not taking any medications. They found out that there were 299 patients admitted for major depression.
Professor at the Institute of Cardiovascular Medical Sciences, Dr. Sandosh Padmanabhan observed that the implications of mental health for patients with high blood pressure was under-recognized.
Adding that the findings showed how certain medications used to treat high blood pressure patients may be useful as new treatments for mood disorders.
Beta blockers such as atenolol and bisorpolo reduces blood pressure by making the heart beat more slowly with less force, while amlodiphine, felodopine reduce blood pressure by widening blood vessels.

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