Blow by blow account of the magical nuptials of Chinazo and Mekam Okoye

The magical nuptials of Chinazo Isabelle Obiejesi, eldest daughter of billionaire mogul behind Nestoil Group  (Dr. Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi) and Dr. Mekam Tochukwu Okoye, on Saturday, February 4, 2017, decorated the mega city of Lagos in brilliant hues and tinctures as elegance pranced with glamour.

At Our Saviour’s Church in Onikan, amazing precision and order pervaded a prompt ceremony.


Enjoy the minute-by-minute account of the glorious occasion:


10:00  This Saturday morning, the hustle and bustle of Onikan was absent. The environs was serene, with only a few people around.

On the grounds of Our Saviour’s Church, policemen were on the prowl. With some men in mufti, vehicles were directed to the car park on Tafawa Balewa Square side of the road. This car park was still empty.


10:10  In a black jeep, one of the officiating ministers drove in. His red and off-white robe hung at the back.


10:30  Some priests in white robes were at the door of the church, making last minute adjustments.

In the middle, the aisle was lined with white flex all the way to the altar area. The entrance had a canopy of wreaths.

White vases with white flowers and green leaves were positioned on either side of the aisle. Two other wooden vases decorated the altar.


10:42  Siren heralded the wedding party. In luxury cars, the bride and groom and their parents as well as the bridal train arrived.


10:44  The church was now becoming fuller. And the choristers, over two dozens of them in white robes, took position on either side of the altar.


10:46  Two of the groomsmen, in dapper black tuxedo, gleaming white shirt with black studs, black velvet bow tie and peeping white pocket square marched in to check seats.


10:48  The Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Nnayelugo Alfred Nnaemeka Achebe, walked in with the father of the bride, Dr. Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi.


10:53  Officiating priests in a procession arrived, sat on either side of the altar. Two ministers sat facing the congregation.


10:56  The bridal train and groomsmen stepped into the church, sat in front with ladies on the left and men, right.


10:58  The beautiful bride in a beige gown with shimmering stones and a lacy bodice, and her father, in electric blue tuxedo with black lapels, white shirt, bow tie and trousers, on her right, took position on the aisle.

They walked down the aisle arriving at the altar area at  exactly 11:00 as George Frideric Handel’s Zadok the Priest bellowed.


11:00  Groom was handed her bride, as the exhortation and charge began.


11:03  Three officials were before the couple.

And Mekam now unveiled his bride.


11:05  Father of the bride stepped forward to acknowledge that he’s the one giving Chinazo out in marriage.

The declaration followed.


11:08  The exchange of rings, which took about two minutes.


11:11  The couple knelt for prayers. And thereafter declared husband and wife.

Parents of the couple were invited, and more prayers recited.


11:14  Priests returned to their seats as the couple rose.


11:19   General prayer, songs.


11:29 – 12:06  Sermon by the Primate of The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Archbishop Nicholas Dikeriehi Orogodo Okoh.


12:07 – 12:12  Couple and congregation knelt for more prayers. More hymns.


12:14  Congregation exchanged greetings, shook hands. While some congratulated the parents.


12:22  And preparations for Holy Communion got underway.


12:26 – 12:30  Prayer of humble access read.

The priests took the communion.


12:31 – 12:42  Husband and wife took communion, followed by the congregation (communicants).

More prayers.


12:52  Signing of marriage register (for about 10 minutes).


12:53  Taiwo Oduwole sang solo of Bless this House to a resounding applause.


12:57  I Will Give Thanks medley by the octet, Voix Celeste  (three men and five ladies), with a conductor got an ovation.


13:02  Climb Every Mountain with Obinna Obieze’s solo was appreciated.


13:08  Marriage certificate presented as couple’s parents stood beside them.


13:10  Latest couple introduced to the congregation.

Thereafter, the congregation danced towards the altar with their offering.


13:32  Couple and parents knelt for prayers.


13:34  The popular George Frideric Handel’s song, Messiah rang thunderously.

A few recognitions by Most Rev. Adebola Ademowo


13:49   Withdrawal hymn. Priests left in a procession, bridal party and congregation also marched out.

Felicitations continued outside the church.

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