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Boko Haram on rampage, kill five in Bauchi bus station blast, another four in Borno

A bomb blast at a bus station in the town of Azare, Bauchi state, yesterday (Wednesday, October 22, 2014) killed five people, leaving them “burnt beyond recognition,” with 12 others injured, the state police spokesman Mohammed Haruna has said.
Witnesses said the bomb had been embedded in a parked car and was detonated remotely, but police did not give details on the nature of the explosive device.
This is coming after suspected members of terrorist group, Boko Haram killed no fewer than four Christians, leaving two churches and over 50 houses razed in Pelachiroma community of Hawul, Borno state on Tuesday, October 21.
These developments have put paid to claims by the federal government that it has reached a cease fire agreement with the sect.

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