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Boko Haram terrorists tried in secret, jailed

Justice Ibrahim Buba of the Federal High Court in Lagos has sentenced three members of the deadly Islamic sect, Boko Haram to jail with hard labour.

The Lagos Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice Mr. Ade Ipaye disclosed at a press briefing that the trail judge disbelieve the 1st, 2nd and 3rd defendants’  testimony and found them guilty on all counts charged and were sentenced to a term of 25 years imprisonment each.

The prosecution team led by the Attorney-General Ade Ipaye applied to the judge to hold the hearing in camera for purpose of safety and security and  Justice Buba,  granted the application.

Seventeen suspects were charged to court by the state, but were later reduced to four following the withdrawal of the case against 13 suspects.

They were all arraigned before Justice Buba on conspiracy to commit terrorism, illegal possession of firearms, and being members of a proscribed organisation.

Ipaye briefed thatThe 4th accused person who only promised to provide money for “bail” of the 1stAccused person was discharged and acquitted on the basis that there was insufficient evidence linking him to the plan.

The Attorney-General said that as a result of its surveillance efforts, the Department of State Security carried out a coordinated raid of suspected terrorists around Lekki and Ijora areas of Lagos in March 2013 and a  total of 17 suspects were then arrested on suspicion of terrorism. Several improvised explosive devises, remote controlled detonators, firearms and ammunition were found concealed at two of the locations.

‘Following the submission of investigation report by the Department, the Attorney General of Lagos State obtained a fiat of the Attorney General of the Federation to prosecute the suspects at the Federal High Court under the Terrorism (Prevention) (Amendment) Act, 2013 and other relevant statutes’.

Ipaye briefed that ‘in November 2013, the Accused Persons were arraigned for  various charges, including (i) conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism contrary to section 17 and 17(b) of the Terrorism Act, 2013; (ii) conspiracy to commit a felony under section 516 of the Criminal Code Act; (iii) concealing information about acts of terrorism contrary to section 8(1) of the Terrorism Act; and (iv) committing acts preparatory to or in furtherance of acts of terrorism contrary to section 1(2)(b) of the same Act; (v) having in their possession prohibited firearms and ammunition contrary to sections 3 and 27(1)(a) and sections 8 and 27(1)(b) of the Firearms Act and (vi) knowingly entering into an arrangement as a result of which money is to be made available for the purpose of terrorism contrary to section 13(2) of the Terrorism Act, 2013’.





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