Bollywood Fashion Limited boss, Sanjay Sachdev narrates how to detect fake human hair

Sanjay Sachdev is the brain behind Bollywood Fashion Limited, the leading human hair outlet in Lagos. Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the Indian gentleman revealed what has kept his business over the years and much more.

Can you tell us about Bollywood Fashion Limited?

Bollywood Fashion Limited is a luxury brand for 100 percent human hair extensions. We sell wholesale real human hair in form of weaves, braid hair, wigs, closures and accessories. We have been in business in Africa for more than a decade.

hair1What type of hair do you stock?

We sell real human hair sourced from the beautiful country of India as most real hair are from India.

We sell different textures of weave such as curly, wavy and straight. There are different forms of curly and wavy.

We also compliment the hairs with treatments and accessories which customers buy to maintain the hair.

We have a special customizing service where we make hair according to the colour, density and texture you want.

What grades of hair do you supply?

We have three different collections at the moment. The Signature Collection, The Regular Collection and The Remy Collection.

In the hair industry, there are different grades. This is because of the quality of the raw donor hair, selection, wefting and texturing. In Bollywood Fashion Limited, we offer three grades of hair. They are Signature, Regular and Remy.

The Signature Collection is the most expensive and carefully processed. They usually come in thinner weft for flexibility and with no short hair mixed in the strands. This hair is thick from top to bottom. It is long lasting and luxurious. We have Sanjay Wavy, Sanjay Bouncy Curls, Sanjay Straight, Sanjay Boxing Curls and River Waves.

The Regular Collection is the medium grade. It has very nice quality, not much mixed lengthy hair and many varieties. The Weft is thicker than the Signature. This is what you find in high class hair shops in Nigeria. It is affordable. We have Loose Waves, Bebe Curls, Deep Waves, Natural Curls, Jungle Curls, Spiral Curls, Natural Straight, Beach Waves and much more here.

The Remy Collection is the quality you find aplenty in Balogun Market in Lagos and most shops in the general market. It looks great initially but would not last very long after three uses. Though some clients who maintain hair well can manage it. It is very, very affordable. It is a little better in quality than packet weavon.

We stock different grades of hair because of the different budgets of businessmen.

We sell regular, three-part closures and lace frontals, lacewigs and cap wigs.

We supply locally and internationally.

What is the difference between good quality human hair and bad quality human hair?

First, quality human hair extensions are not cheap. When it comes to human hair extension, you get what you pay for.

To distinguish between good and inferior hair, the tips of the hair strands should either be thick from the weft to slightly thinner or thicker at the bottom.

The outer layer of human hair is composed of overlapping scales arranged the same way as scales on a fish. On damp hair, use approximately the thickness of a single spaghetti strand, run your finger and thumb fairly rapidly down the strands of hair from weft to tip, it will travel smoothly, and if you do it in the reverse it should be rough. Also, some naturally lighter hair colours will have darker rots and lighter ends. , which can make it easy to tell the cuticle direction. However, do not let this fool you as you cannot depend upon your eyes alone to tell the direction.

Technically, the textile industry conducts what is called a fibre burn test to identify the content; the same test can be applied here.

First, remove single hair strands with tweezers from a bunch; use a lighter to keep a steady flame. Do not use matchstick as it will mask the odour. Pay close attention to the amber, flame and odour. Human hair will burn briefly with an orange flame and then leave chars of ash that turns into powder when crushed. It will smell like burning flesh or feather. If it is synthetic, it will be like beads and would smell like burning green vegetable.

What is your guarantee to buyers?

Our guarantee and assurance to buyers has and will always remain that our hair do not shed because it is carefully wefted. Our hair do not tangle because all the cuticles are intact and flow in the same direction. Our hair can be chemically reprocessed by bleaching or colouring by a professional hairstylist. It can be curled, waved or straightened. On the basic, you get a receipt for your purchases. Most important, we are open to after sales queries and support. All our hair are supplied label free for your own customization. We do not reveal the names of our customers as all orders are confidential.

How much can a beginner start with and what advice would you give for the business?

A minimum of N250,000 can start you up on the business because you have to buy in lengths and textures. Variety is important.

You need to have strong interest in the business if you want to do it successfully. I have scores of salon owners, bankers, housewives and students doing this on the side. You can compliment it with your day job as long as you have a network of buyers or people who know who can buy. If you are a lady, you should endeavour to wear the hair to advertise it.

How would you assess the Nigerian market regarding this business?

Human hair business is a luxury product business. Fashion sells any day. Women will always make their hair. Nigerian women, especially are stylish and experimental. On a personal note, integrity and original products will only keep you in this business. And that is what has kept us in business so far. If you as a retailer maintains the trust of your customers, you will succeed.

Can you tell us how many branches Bollywood Fashion Limited has?

We have our salon which is Bollywood Hair Salon at Allen Avenue, Oshopey Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos. Our Hair at Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. We also have a retail booth at the Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki, Lagos. We have our email, socialize on instagram @Bollywoodhairsalon.

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