BON AWARDS: Director of IYABO OJO’s Silence, ALEX MOUTH speaks…

TOP movie director behind MNET series, Alex Mouth directed Iyabo Ojo’s Silence, BON Movie of the Year. We asked him what made it win Movie of the Year even as it got five nominations.


Let’s meet you, sir.

My name is Alex Mouth, Movie Director, MNET.

How does it feel to win BON Awards with Silence?

We feel great. Silence took a lot of energy from us. It also took time and money. So, I give God the glory it won Movie of the Year award at BON.

What’s the film all about?

Silence is a film about physical abuse, mental abuse and all forms of abuse of women which nobody talks about though it’s in every home. People are suffering but they are silent.

Who starred in Silence?

Joseph Benjamin, Bukky Wright, Iyabo Ojo who is also the producer and a whole lot of other movie stars.

Apart from the message, what else do you think made it win Movie of the Year?

The quality of the picture. The editing is also on point. Don’t forget it had five nominations. It won Best Child Actor, Best Producer/Movie of the Year. I was nominated for Best Director.

So, what next for Alex Mouth?

I would be flying out of the country to shoot a Nollywood movie in Houston, USA. I’m also shooting more MNET movies.

How’s the MNET project going?

Fine, we keep raising the bar.


Fati Zanna‘Why Our Differences won BON Movie with Best Social Message’ – FATI ZANNA

PROMINENT Northern actress and film producer, Fati Zanna also educated ENCOMIUM Weekly on the artistic value of her movie, Our Differences which emerged the movie with Best Social Message. She also talked about her movie career and motherhood.


Your film, Our Differences won BON movie with Best Social Message. Are you not elated by this?

Yes, I feel good and grateful for the award. The movie is a kind of campaign for peaceful co-existence.

Apart from the message, what are …

I have passion for this job. So, whenever I shoot a movie I make sure it turns out good production wise: the storyline, picture, directing and sound. For me, it’s not just about the message, it’s all about passion.

It’s usually difficult for artistes outside Lagos or Asaba to make it in Nollywood. How did you get here?

My work speaks for me. When you do things properly, wherever you are based, you would certainly succeed.

How’s married life?

It’s fine. We give God the glory. It’s interesting and challenging. The challenges border on combining work with marriage and motherhood.

And your footballer hubby has been very supportive?

Yes, he has been.

What o you cherish most about him?

He’s an entertainer. He plays soccer.

What next?

To shoot more movies, better than what I have done so far. I always want to improve and I love learning. No matter the stage I am, I love to learn from those who started before me. I learn to improve on my job.


Gov. Amaechi, Patience Ozorkwor, Iyabo Ojo and Alex Mouth

Gov. Amaechi, Patience Ozorkwor, Iyabo Ojo and Alex Mouth

GOV. AMAECHI didn’t insult Nollywood

AT no time did the Rivers State governor and Chief Host of BON Awards 2014, His Excellency, Dr. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi insult Nollywood. The governor rather hailed the industry for creating hundreds of thousands of jobs for Nigerians. While acknowledging the fact that Nollywood was initially promoted by non-professionals, he urged film makers to become agents of change.

A strong believer in the critical theory of literature as tool for social change, Governor Amaechi noted that the industry being a product of necessity must continue to reflect the society.

The chairman of Nigerian Governors Forum also revealed he has commissioned Mrs. Olu Jacobs (Joke Silva) to produce Chinua Achebe’s The Man of the People, which according to him, depicts the current socio-political nuances of Nigeria.

He also noted elements of contemporary Nigerian society in Rita Dominic’s The Meeting.

To demonstrate his love for Nollywood, the Governor said he would undertake a major research in Nollywood if he completes his tenure early next year.

He had earlier argued that the middle class has finally disappeared in Nigeria given the spate of poverty ravaging the nation.

According to the Governor, nobody can stick to a family budget anymore. He cited a situation where a man spends half of his budget on non-immediate family members. He also lamented the declining allocations to states, blaming it on mismanagement of the nation’s resources on the part of the present administration.


Gov. Amaechi, Liz Benson and Segun Oloketuyi

Gov. Amaechi, Liz Benson and Segun Oloketuyi

lb0y0066-600x400What SEUN OLOKETUYI said at BON Awards, 2014

THE Executive Director, BON Awards, Mr. Seun Oloketuyi welcomed all to the sixth edition of the awards.

“We are indeed very happy and honoured to be in the beautiful city of Port Harcourt today. As an evolving awards ceremony, we consider it a huge privilege and pleasure to be hosted by the good people and government of Rivers State and the enigmatic and enterprising Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi. Your Excellency, we are grateful.”

He recalled that BON has since 2009, been rewarding pre-eminent and enterprising talents whose sweat and toil have placed the Nigerian movie industry, otherwise known as Nollywood, on the global map of film making. He credited the growth of the industry to “the sheer ingenuity and foresight of the Nollywood stars.”

“From scratch and nothingness, some of the people here this evening have turned Nollywood into a multi-billion naira business, employing hundreds of thousands of Nigerians while bringing joy to many homes and playing an important role in shaping the social and economic development of this country.”

Oloketuyi also acknowledged the many challenges of Nollywood, pledging that BON would strive to ensure that those who are laboring and sweating would be adequately rewarded. He also hailed Rivers State for producing some of the nation’s leading thespians including Sam Dede, Basorge Tariah, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Rita Dominic, Julius Agwu, Tamara Eteimo (who won the Next Movie Star in 2011), Tonto Dike, Monalisa Chinda, among others.

While thanking Governor Amaechi for his support for Nollywood, he also pleaded with him to look at other areas of the industry like the issue of distribution and piracy to save Nollywood.

Finally, BON Awards Executive Producer poured encomiums on the jury, screeners and organizing committees of BON whom he said contributed immensely to the success of the awards. He also congratulated the eventual winners.


What many didn’t like about the awards

LIKE most Nigerian events, BON Awards, 2014 scheduled for 6.30 p.m was almost three hours late. Many didn’t find that funny. Holding the awards at the Rivers Government House also barred many Rivers people, who would have loved to see their favourite movie stars from the opportunity the awards would have provided for them.

Entertainment value of BON Awards was also called to question with the major act, Jaywon performing when guests, including the Chief Host had started leaving the hall.

There were also avoidable mix ups in the presentation of the awards. But in all, kudos should be given to BON Awards Executive Producer, Mr. Seun Oloketuyi who, despite limited resources and manpower, has sustained the awards for over half a decade.

Many are also pleased with the fact that the jury headed by Mr. Niran Adedokun was impartial in the selection of award winners.

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