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Brain training has no benefits

Scientists revealed that trendy brain training computer games may be a waste of time and money. It’s observed that while people may be better at the exercise, there is little or no evidence this helps them in their day-to-day lives.
There are various games, puzzles and exercises manufactured by companies to boost attention span or keep the mind sharp. However, these games have nothing to do with improving the mind.  Over 130 studies examined on the aspect of brain training by UK and US researchers found flaws in the study.
Head of the analysis, Daniel Simons, from the University of Illinois, USA, said, “That gives the misleading impression that there is more evidence than actually exists, and it makes it hard to evaluate whether the study provided any evidence at all. There is no compelling evidence that the games help people in their lives.”
Adding that, there is little evidence to date of real-world benefits from brain training.

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