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Brexit : Hacking alleged as petitioners are now 3.2 million

The petition online calling for fresh referendum after Brexit poll on Thursday, June 23, crossed the three million mark this morning ( Monday, June 27) as allegations of hacking trailed the exercise. There are reports that thousands of signatures on the petition were from as far away as the Vatican and North Korea.

The petition is now being investigated, and almost 80,000 signatures have been removed. Pranksters hacked the petition platform – and this morning, over 3.2 million had already signed in just two days.
Emerging as the petition with highest signatures in British history, protests are hinged on two grounds : the margin of victory at only four percent was far below the 20 percent desired and the number of voters were less than 75 percent as only 71.8 percent participated.
Since it is mandatory for Parliament to discuss any petition which records over 100,000 signatures, many are optimistic that a rerun will happen for Brexit to be reexamined in a fresh referendum.
Thursday’s Brexit referendum had 51.9 percent (17,410,742 votes) for exit and 48.1 percent (16,141,241 votes) for remain. The turn out was 71.8 percent of voters.

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