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Bro Iginla postpones commissioning of N10 billion cathedral till 2016

LEADING prophetic voice and shepherd in charge of Champions Royal Assembly, Bro. Joshua Iginla has completed his 80,000-seater cathedral known as City of Wonders in Kubwa, Abuja.

The multi-billion naira project is already roofed and only a visit to the ultra-modern edifice can help one to grasp the extent of aesthetic wonders displayed there.

Sources squealed to ENCOMIUM Weekly that billions of naira was sunk inside the vast empire.

Sitting on several hectares of land, the auditorium is a massive entity.  It’s like a four giant storey edifice with five detached elongated angles entangled to a singular auditorium.  Each of the gallery sits thousands of worshippers while each detached angle is a massive auditorium on its own.

The roof of each compartment is like the Jewish temple which speaks of wonders.

The international headquarters of the ministry called Champions City of Wonders at Chikakore, Kubwa, Abuja, is arguably a record breaking 80,000 capacity auditorium which is arguably the biggest in the world.  It boasts of 350 toilets and four floors.  It has 12 escalators, nine electronically operated elevators and three hectares car park.

A visit to the clergy’s office at the City of Wonders revealed that it also has a four floor edifice which houses the shepherd’s office, his studio, computer room, control room, reception, amongst others.  It also has its own personal lift.

Speaking about the ultra modern building, Bro. Iginla admitted that the building is indeed an 80,000-seater and it was designed by Nigerians under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

“I got the revelation about the City of Wonder in 1996.  The whole building as it is now, is just 13 months.  A lot of people asked if it’s indeed a 80,000-seater and I can tell them that indeed it is but you can’t describe it until you visit the place.”

He further added, “This is not the promised land God is taking me to.  The City of Wonder is just a primary school in the journey of my ministry.  And by God’s grace, we never borrowed a kobo nor sought any support from any politician.”

Champions Royal Assembly celebrated their ninth anniversary at the City of Wonders a couple of days back.  The celebration featured top gospel acts such as Chioma Jesus, Solomon Longe, Steve Crown.  A baby girl was even delivered within five minutes.  Bro. Iginla was ministering on power demonstration when the woman fell into labour and within five minutes, the baby girl was born.  Being the first miracle baby at the City of Wonders, Bro. Iginla named her Esther and declared that he is giving the new baby girl a scholarship to university level.


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