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Brymo ignores court injunction, releases album

‘The so-called court injunction can’t stop my album’

DESPITE the court order Chocolate City Entertainment got against Shimi Olawale Ibrahim, popularly known as Brymo, which would prevent him from making music, the artiste at the centre of the controversy, Brymo claimed he is still going ahead with his proposed album launch.

Audu Maikori

Audu Maikori

He, however, stated that he is discussing with the Chocolate City management on how to resolve the issue. In an exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, November 1, 2013, Brymo, through Lanre Lawal, CEO of The Ball Music Company, the outfit that manages Brymo, said there is no cause for alarm.

“We are aware of the court injunction being circulated online.  We are already discussing with Chocolate City.  However, it does not in any way affect his new album.  In fact, he has been released at the international market.  And it is even doing well online. We are only perfecting strategies for the launch in the Nigerian market.  But, we are marketing it online already.  The so-called court injunction is not an issue.  If doesn’t delay or affect it.”

Although Brymo has constantly denied any injunction of any sorts from Chocolate City, copies of the court orders restraining him from doing anything music-wise till 2016 or pay an option fine of N22 million have surfaced online. The record label on Monday, October 14, 2013, filed an interim injunction restraining Brymo, “by himself, agents, representatives from recording, releasing, distributing and composing of song, musical works or carrying out any activities as a recording or performing artiste through or for the benefit of any person or organization.  Other than the plaintiff pending the determination of the motion on notice for interlocutory injunction in this suit.”

The injunction (charge no: FHC/L/1442/2013) was filed at the Federal High Court of Nigeria in the Lagos Judicial Division holden at Ikoyi, Lagos State with the plaintiff/applicant being Chocolate City Entertainment Co. Ltd., and the defendant Mr. Shimi Olawale Ibrahim (Brymo).  The injunction was supported by an affidavit of urgency and exhibits filed by Choc City’s General Manager, Ibukun ‘Albee’ Abidoye.  The court finally approved it on Monday, October 21, 2013.

We learnt the purpose of the injunction was to prevent Brymo functioning as an artiste outside Choc City till 2016 or pay N22 million.  They claimed the law firm consulting for Chocolate City have served Brymo the injunction which included the buoyant clause of N22 million.

It is no longer news that the one-time sweet romance between the popular singer, Brymo and his record label, Chocolate City, has gone sour which made him dump the label.

According to Brymo, he called it quit based on the label’s inability to fulfill most parts of the agreements in the contract.



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