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‘BUHARI not our messiah’ – PROPHET FALEYIMU + Why God is angry with APC

ON Saturday, June 13, 2015, ENCOMIUM Weekly had an encounter with the General Overseer and spiritual head, Mountain of Blessings and Miracles, Badagry, Lagos, Prophet Olagunroye Faleyimu at his Papa Ashafa, Lagos office where he opened up exclusively on national issues.

The world seer, as the clergy is also known, said that God is not happy with APC leaders because of the level they have taken the pressure and winner of June 12, 1993 presidential election, late Chief M. K. O. Abiola to. He also cautioned Nigerians on their dependence on Buhari as Nigeria’s messiah as God’s promised messiah is yet to come and much more.


In the interviews you granted a couple of newspapers and magazines before the 2015 general elections, you predicted that no election would hold in February, that the exercise will be postponed, and it eventually came to pass. How do you feel about that?

Yes, I said it and it came to pass. Not only that but a lot of things have been predicted at the beginning of this year and some have also come to pass, while some will still come to fulfillment. It’s not me but God. As a prophet, I couldn’t have said what God had not revealed to me. I also said that elections might not even hold unless we all pray very well because there were some forces that didn’t want the elections to hold at all. But I believe Nigerians had prayed, and God had also listened to our prayers and that of Buhari. That’s the reason the elections held and everything was successful.

You also predicted that Muhammadu Buhari would win but he might not rule…

Yes, I said it then that if God doesn’t answer our prayers, Buhari will only win but Jonathan will hand over power to an interim government which means Buhari won’t rule. But God has answered our prayers and that of Buhari himself, that’s why the evil plan of the previous administration was scuttled.

Can we now say it’s God that had called Buhari to serve now?

Ever before Buhari came out last year, God had revealed to me that He is not happy with the party he belongs, that’s All Progressives Congress (APC) because the party has placed late Chief M.K.O Abiola before God. The leaders of the party had attributed the success of Nigerian democracy to Abiola’s death instead of God. But because of the fact that Nigerians were praying for change and based on Buhari’s destiny that he would rule this country. Even if he couldn’t succeed in ruling us now, he will definitely rule this country before he dies. That’s what God promised him. But God wanted him to resign from APC which he didn’t. But for the fact that Nigerians had prayed very well and God had listened to our prayers, he won the election as an APC presidential candidate. I said it about 15 years ago when the present democracy took off that Buhari will become the president of this country one day and that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) won’t rule beyond 2015. It was reported by many newspapers and magazines then.

I also said then that Buhari is not the messiah Nigeria is waiting for but He will rule before our messiah will come. He will only try his best but because of the party that produced him, he may not record huge success as expected because of the fact that God is not happy with his party. What Nigerians should be expecting from Buhari’s administration first is the success over corruption. He’s going to succeed in that and instilling discipline. But in terms of our economy, he won’t achieve any success in that because that has been bastardised already. Even there won’t be enough money in circulation, there will be scarcity of food. In the first six months, Nigerians would suffer food scarcity because God is angry with his party.

Do you see him going for the second term?

Right from time when God revealed to me, He said Buhari will rule this country for eight years. God had also told me Olusegun Obasanjo will from the prison become the president of this country. Then, Buhari will also come back as civilian president and that each of them was destined to spend eight years. But now because of his party, anything can happen. It’s APC that will ruin his chance because God is angry with the leaders of the party because of June 12 issue. Unless they all have a rethink and come back to God. If Buhari wants to see God’s anger fully, he should declare June 12 a public holiday. Anytime he does that, God will tear his government apart. And God won’t be happy again with Nigeria.

Are you saying the APC leaders have turned Abiola to god?

Yes, that’s exactly why God is not happy with them. They are praising M.K.O Abiola instead of God concerning June 12, 1993, presidential election assumed to have been won by him. They believe that Nigerian democracy was made possible because of Abiola’s sacrifice forgetting that nothing can happen, there can’t be any change in the ways of any man without the knowledge of God. So, God is annoyed with them for not ascribing the honour to Him who made everything possible.

What’s your comment on the emergence of Senator Bukola Saraki as Senate President, has it been predicted by you?

I have not predicted it but I have said many times in my previous interviews that based on the way APC leaders are celebrating June 12, they will be losing some key posts to opposition. Whatever power they rely on to effect any change won’t materialize. This is just to let them know that there is God. Concerning Saraki’s election as Senate President, it’s God that made Saraki Senate President, not any man. It’s not without the knowledge of God. God actually showed them that He is God and He has power over everybody. Even the emergence of the new Speaker showed that God has power over all things He created. Man’s manipulation failed out-rightly. So, God was involved in everything that happened concerning National Assembly leadership elections.

Does it mean what happened recently has shown the supremacy of God or His anger?

Yes, God has just revealed His supremacy over mankind. I predicted how Jonathan’s administration was going to be when I was interviewed at the inception of his government and it’s exactly how it was predicted. I told Nigerians that Boko Haram insurgency can’t stop, if we like let all the pastors and Muslim clerics pray, things will be getting worse concerning Boko Haram. When they asked me about Buhari conquering Boko Haram, I told them only if he follows the path of God because there is a particular thing God wants from our leaders that they refused to give Him. That’s why the situation of the country keeps getting worse by the day.

What’s that thing you’re talking about?

That’s the love of God which is above all other things. Our leaders have berated God, instead they all rely on secret societies. None of our leaders believes in the supremacy of God. Even most people calling themselves men of God are also in darkness. Our leaders are not our Messiah. That’s why God revealed to me that He will anoint a prophet from Ondo State who will come as a messiah to sanitise Nigeria. He said He will lift him up purposely to turn around the country and there will be peace and prosperity in the land.

Would the prophet also double as president of the country?

Yes, that’s exactly how it was revealed. I have been saying it that before Nigeria can start knowing peace, it will be around 2025, not now.

So, Buhari is not the one to fix Nigeria?

Yes, he’s not the one. He will only try his best in certain areas.

In one of your interviews early this year, you said Nigerians should pray for some traditional rulers, including Ooni of Ife, Alaafin of Oyo, Oba of Lagos and others for them to scale through 2015…

Yes, I said it. God said we should pray for them so that they can see the end of 2015. God has power of every soul He created, and with prayers there is nothing impossible. The fact that God had revealed that doesn’t mean they will die, but they must pray very well.

You also said Governor Fayose of Ekiti State will end up in jail but he has survived almost everything now. What’s your reaction on that?

Yes, I said it also. If you check one of the recent editions of Global Excellence magazine, I repeated it there. I predicted that Fayose will either be impeached or jailed. That’s what God revealed to me.

But he has survived impeachment based on the situation of things at the moment in Ekiti State.

Yes, but I said it long ago during former governor of Delta State, James Ibori’s administration that both Ibori and Fayose would end their political career in jail. So, he hasn’t scaled through that and the prophecy concerning that has come to pass on Ibori.

But if Fayose prays very well, can he scale through?

Yes, if he knows where he has offended God and he seeks forgiveness, he would be forgiven. There is a particular thing he had done that God didn’t like, until he comes to God and seek forgiveness over it, he can’t see God’s favour.

What advice do you have for Nigerians, especially concerning the new government?

They should not rely on the APC government as if it’s the party that will bring an end to their suffering. They should all go back to farming so that they can be sustaining themselves till God gives us the promised messiah.

How do you get your message from God? Do you embark on marathon fasting or go to the mountain for spiritual retreat or how?

We have different types of man of God. God only speaks with His prophets but God doesn’t speak to pastors often. It’s only once in a while. But most Nigerians believe in these pastors as the one’s seeing God even face to face. Even there is a difference between an anointed prophet and ordinary prophet. An anointed prophet like Jeremiah in the Bible gets messages from God directly without fasting or praying. Left to me, it’s not until I go to the mountain or fast for 30 or 40 days before I hear from God. I may be walking on the street or even sit here, and God will reveal His messages to me.

Tell us a few of your prophecies that have come to pass recently?

I have said so many things that have come to pass, including the postponement of the 2015 general elections. I also predicted that if God answers Buhari’s prayer, he would record victory in 24 states convincingly, and he will emerge president. I also said that Obasanjo to Jonathan was like Samuel to Saul, and that the scenario of Obasanjo tearing the PDP membership card was a clean interpretation that Jonathan’s regime had collapsed and that’s exactly what happened. But like I said, the poor masses should just go to farming to sustain themselves. I foresee the rich getting richer in this administration as well.


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