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Buhari, Osinbajo’s perks of office

AT the moment, Nigeria’s President earns N3,514,705 million per year, while the Vice President has a take-home pay of N3.03 million per annum.

Beside President Buhari’s basic annual salary, his allowances in a year are up to N10.899 million.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo would also earn allowances in excess of N8 million per annum, in addition to other perks of office.

For the Ministers, it’s N2.02 million per annum; Minister of State (N1.95 million) and Special Adviser (N1.94 million).

According to our sources, a Nigerian Governor officially earns N2.22 million, his Deputy (N2.11 million) while Commissioners receive N1.33 million per annum.

Rated as the most expensive democracy in the world, Nigeria’s Federal law makers smile home with a little below the President and Vice President’s pay. They however, earn enviable allowances that run into millions of naira, alongside the controversial N300 million funds appropriated for Constituency Projects.

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