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‘Buhari should head Petroleum Ministry’ – Nigerians (2)

A lot of Nigerians have been reacting to speculations that President Muhammadu Buhari may head Petroleum Ministry being the country’s cash cow which deserves close monitoring by a disciplined and honest person.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their reactions on this applauded the idea, advising the new president not to leave the sector in the hands of reckless people…


‘He must prove his incorruptible image’ -LAWRENCE ONUZULIKE

I think he should actually head it because he will be put in a position where he must prove his incorruptible image.


‘The President is an honest man’  -TEMI ABIOLA

It is not a bad idea. Those who headed it in the past kept us in the dark about the truth. The president is an honest man. It is better to go in there and fish out those siphoning the nation’s wealth.


‘He needs to be vigilant’ -BIOLA SALAKO

It’s good but he should be very careful about it because expectations of Nigerians about his person and government are high. And surely, some people will be waiting for his downfall. So, by the sensitive nature of that sector, it may be very easy for him to commit blunders as he’s not going to be singlehandedly running it. And remember, this is not a military regime where he can veto.

What Nigerians want is prudent management of the sector so that we can make use of the revenue gotten from it to develop other sectors of the economy. So, he needs to concentrate and be vigilant enough for him to succeed.


‘There is nothing wrong’ – LATEEF OLANIYAN

There is nothing wrong in PMB heading the oil sector of our economy. By virtue of who he has been for the past years of his service to this county, I strongly believe in him heading the ministry. However, that doesn’t mean he can do it alone. I will only advise he chooses good and reasonable hands to work with so that he won’t end up shooting himself in the leg.

Nigerians can’t afford to leave Petroleum Ministry in the hands of greedy people again. We have been cheated enough. I don’t mind if that’s the only thing the administration succeeds in doing before leaving.


‘President Buhari is experienced’ – BRIGHT ADE

I think this is a noble idea, very commendable really. It’s a sign that Buhari is a responsible president, which is what we have seriously lacked. Rather than just dump the responsibility of rebuilding such a sensitive ministry to someone else, he wasn’t to take the burden upon himself.

Besides, he has held the position in the past, so he’s experienced. I think he should go ahead with the idea and I believe he will not disappoint.


‘He would be distracted’ – CHIDERA NDUKWE

No, I don’t think Buhari should become the petroleum minister because he would be distracted. He can’t handle the load of being president as well as the load of the ministry. It’s not a good idea in my opinion. He should get someone competent and keep such person on his/her toes so he can perform.


‘It won’t make any difference’ – IMELDA OSUJI

I don’t see any difference in who heads a ministry. What matters to me is addressing the rot in the system. Obsanjo did it but, he left the place worse than he met it.

Let Buhari be sincere. That’s it.


‘Buhari should head the Petroleum Ministry’ – BOBBY DICKSON

I think President Buhari should head the Ministry of Petroleum Resources because of the corruption there. We also need to probe the sector. So, it requires direct supervision of the President.

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