‘Buhari should head Petroleum Ministry’ -Nigerians (3)

A lot of Nigerians have been reacting to speculations that President Muhammadu Buhari may head Petroleum Ministry being the country’s cash cow which deserves close monitoring by a disciplined and honest person.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their reactions on this applauded the idea, advising the new president not to leave the sector in the hands of reckless people…

‘Buhari should not head Petroleum Ministry’ -MICHAEL AGAH

Buhari need not head any ministry for it to be properly run. All he needs to do is to appoint knowledgeable people to man them. So, I don’t support his heading the Ministry of Petroleum Resources.

‘He knows the sector better than some of us’ -NKECHI NWOGU

President Buhari has in-depth knowledge of the oil sector, having once served as Petroleum Minister. And since the bulk of our revenue is from this sector, let’s allow him to manage it.

‘He already has enough on his plate’ -DAVID AFAM

I don’t think he should. As president, he already has enough on his plate for him to add the work of the Petroleum Ministry to it. I think it would be too much for one man. As Minister of Petroleum you know he has to be attending OPEC meetings.

That’s in addition to ECOWAS, AU and UN meetings as president. Isn’t that a lot for one person? So you can see why I don’t think it is wise. He should get someone quite young and experienced, or basically anyone he can trust that has ideas to move the ministry forward.

Diezani has turned the Petroleum Ministry upside down.


No, he should not. I don’t think it is good even though he has once been in the position. He won’t be able to devote enough time and attention to other areas of the economy. Besides, there shouldn’t be much emphasis on oil production again. Let us diversify to other areas and see how to create wealth from other areas like building viable industries, science and technology development, even agriculture. We cannot keep relying on a commodity like oil that the world powers keep manipulating.

‘President Buhari should handle it’ -AYODELE LYNKS

There is nothing wrong in President Buhari doubling as Petroleum Minister. What’s more important is ensuring it doesn’t affect his statutory duty as the number one citizen of this country. We truly need a principled and disciplined person to head that sector if we must progress economically. Even when Olusegun Obasanjo was there as our president, he also doubled as Petroleum Minister and things were better. But the situation started getting worse since Jonathan gave the ministry out to another person and they started acquiring bullet proof cars, jets and all that at the detriment of the entire citizenry of this country. So, I support the idea totally.

‘I support him’ -BOLAJI AINA

If Buhari can combine the enormous task of governance with a ministerial portfolio, I personally will support him heading the oil ministry. The reason being that as the county’s cash cow, the sector should not be left in the hands of reckless people. We need a very serious and honest man like Buhari to handle the sector. But in the alternative, if he can shop for a trusted hand, he can appoint him or her but whoever is appointed should be closely monitored by the Presidency.

‘President Buhari is capable’ -TUNDE OKUNOLA

Based on his experience on it as former PTDF, his stainless record, reduction on cost of government running, he should.

‘It’s a good development’ -FUNKE ADEBISI

I think it is a good development. I don’t know who will head it that can be as honest as the president. I think the ex-governor of Lagos state is also capable of doing the job.

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