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‘Buhari should head petroleum ministry’ –NIGERIANS

A lot of Nigerians have been reacting to speculations that President Muhammadu Buhari may head Petroleum Ministry being the country’s cash cow which deserves close monitoring by a disciplined and honest person.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their reactions on this applauded the idea, advising the new president not to leave the sector in the hands of reckless people…


‘I’m in support of him’ -BIODUN ABU

He has a task to clean up the petroleum sector, so if being the Petroleum Minister will enable such exercise successful and appreciably affect the fortunes of Nigerians and Nigeria, I’m in support of him handling the portfolio.

Besides, he’s versed in the industry, having headed the sector at various times.


‘It is a good development’  -ESTHER JOSHUA

I think I am in support. He has worked in that ministry before. It is an avenue for him to cleanse that system. A lot need to be done to refine that industry. It is a good development if it should happen.


refinery‘He has the formula to make them work again’


It’s good, I support it so far there is no law that says he can’t head the ministry as president of the country. If Buhari wishes to head the oil ministry, I think it should be welcome by all because he’s a man of his words. He built the four refineries which were bastardized by the previous administrations and if he has the formula to make them work again by being the minister of petroleum in addition to his office as the executive President of this country, why not allow him.

In fact, I believe it’s going to be to the advantage of the masses and fuel scarcity will be a thing of the past because there won’t be corruption any more in the sector.


‘We should all encourage him’ -ISAAC LAWSON

There is nothing wrong in Buhari heading the petroleum ministry. All what Nigerians want is prudence and transparency which the man stands for. He had done well in the sector as a Federal Commissioner for Petroleum Resources during Obasanjo’s regime. So, if he decides to run the ministry, I personally welcome the idea. We should all encourage him. We can’t leave the ministry in the hands of charlatan that will still loot it blind. It’s a very sensitive sector. So, a serious minded person should head it.


‘The President should appoint someone’


The petroleum ministry is a very important and key ministry to the economic survival of Nigeria. And it needs proper management, regulation and supervision by an experienced, committed and technically inclined expert, a person who can be trusted with the sincere and prudent management of that sector. And that person can be anybody trusted by the president himself. In view of the fact that people who have been appointed in the recent past have disappointed Nigerians in the management of the industry, I would have joined those in support of the idea that the President himself should over see the running and management of the ministry, but I am of the opinion that the president should appoint someone in that capacity, who must report directly to him for proper monitoring of the activities and operations of the ministry. I believe the task of running the ministry by Buhari himself would be too burdensome for him. There is no way it would be easy for Buhari to combine that task with the enormous and challenging task of governing Nigeria. There are many problems to be solved. The ministry would always need a manager, who can always work directly with Mr. President in the management and supervision of the ministry. President Buhari should oversee the proper management of the ministry through a petroleum management expert, who can always work directly with him. It is very good the president himself passionately monitors how this key sector of the Nigeria’s economy is being run in order to avoid all the corruptive and mismanagement tendencies of the recent past, I, in my own opinion, would prefer he runs it with a trusted and experienced appointee, who can always be delegated and held responsible for the proper management of the petroleum ministry. For instance, the president might be on an official engagement abroad, and something happens which might need the urgent attention or intervention of the industry manager, would the President now abandon his official engagement to be running down to attend to the problem. This is my own opinion. But in all,  my conviction is that, whether Buhari appoints a petroleum minister or he decides to oversee the running of the ministry by himself, it would no longer be business as usual in that industry. This present president would not allow corruption and official recklessness in that ministry any more. The country is now in the hands of decent, responsible, prudent and sincere men. Men who are poised to govern Nigeria better.

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