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Buhari too many vacations

Critics of President Muhammadu Buhari are claiming that he has enjoyed too many vacations in his 20-month reign since May 29, 2015.

That apart from working only 5 days a week like a civil servant or your regular employee, he’s fond of adding extra days to many public holidays.

Some of those ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to pointed out that the President has embarked on numerous Sallah and Christmas breaks, apart from other public holidays in 19 months.

So far, in the last one year, he was away from his desk (apart from the aforementioned breaks) for three major vacations:


  1. He was away in Daura (Katsina) for 5 days between February 5 and 10, 2016


  1. He was abroad for 13 days in June 2016 to treat an ear infection.


  1. And now, he will be away for 14 days (10 working days) from January 20 to February 6, 2017, in London, the United Kingdom.

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