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Buhari’s change agenda is too slow (2)

As the economy keeps biting harder and harder, many Nigerians, especially the poor who are worse hit, have given up on President Muhammadu Buhari’s change agenda as they now find it extremely difficult to cope with the harsh situation. A cross section of Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with also confirmed the worsening state of Nigeria’s economy at the moment. They, however, called on Buhari to do something urgent to save the state from total collapse.



I don’t think the change agenda has any immediate gain. Besides, it’s rather too slow and it will be too early to expect anything from it. Left to me, I support anything that will transform the country politically, economically and socially. We need to instill value and disciple in our governance. But in the course of doing that, there must be some palliatives for the masses. The change of a thing has to do with future generations but not that all Nigerians should die before their joy. So, Buhari and his men must sit up and turn the economy around before it gets late. If not, it will affect the party in 2019.



Buhari’s change agenda is not only slow, it’s a complete evil. He and Lai Mohammed are just ruling this country with propaganda. Nigeria is more mature politically than that style of governance. Buhari seems to be too dictatorial, and that will not help his government at all. This is the time he should seek people’s opinion on how to revive the ailing economy. It’s not a tribal or party affair. People are hungry, confusion all over the place. Even with his anti-corruption crusade, things are still getting harder. The government is not masses oriented.



His change agenda is too slow. A lot of people are suffering unduly, though, I wouldn’t blame him, the problem this country is combating is enormous. I feel it is weighing the presidency down that is why things are difficult.



The promises and Buhari’s change agenda is too slow for my liking. Our hope was too high for the things we’re experiencing at this time. It was not this bad in the last administration, though it shared in some level of recession as well.  This administration should go back to the drawing board, call for experts in serious deliberations  which is the only way forward. I cannot deceive you, things are going worse in Nigeria.

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