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Buhari’s change agenda is too slow

As the economy keeps biting harder and harder, many Nigerians, especially the poor who are worse hit, have given up on President Muhammadu Buhari’s change agenda as they now find it extremely difficult to cope with the harsh situation. A cross section of Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat also confirmed the worsening state of Nigeria’s economy at the moment. They, however, called on Buhari to do something urgent to save the state from total collapse.



I have totally lost hope in Buhari’s change agenda, even his Muslim brothers are denying him now because of how hard the economy is. The painful thing about this is that the poor masses are the ones at the receiving point. The number of beggars and prostitutes on the street is very alarming right now.

People are not ashamed to do dirty jobs all in the name of survival. We have poor power supply, fuel is sold at N140 per litre. What does Buhari want with this change agenda he is clamouring for. Instead of us to see positive changes as citizens, we are seeing negative changes.

I hope it is not when everyone in Nigeria perish in frustration, then Buhari will realize what he has done to Nigerians.



I don’t believe in Buhari’s change agenda any more. He should even explain to Nigerians what he has been changing that things have gotten this bad. Truth be told, I have never had it this bad. Buhari has brought mass depression and suffering. I can’t afford to give my family three square meals anymore. I cannot even afford to fuel my generator anymore.

I cannot restock my shop anymore because of the increase in dollar rate. Imagine $1 is equal to N400 and I cannot increase the prices of my goods. So, I am totally running at a loss. Right now, I have not even started thinking of my children’s school fees. I have not thought about my house rent. I cannot even send money to my aging mother in the village. That is how bad things are.

So, after thinking of all these things, do you expect me to be happy with Buhari when poverty is mesmerizing people. I am very disappointed in Buhari.



There is nothing good about Buhari’s change agenda. Buhari is ruling Nigerians with lies and he knows that he has offended Nigerians. Imagine how many months it took him to sign the budget, yet he has not released money into circulation. There is no stable electricity, the price of fuel is nothing to write home about, even diesel, talkless of kerosene that is now the most expensive of all.

Nothing has taken shape in this country. All the promises Buhari made during his electioneering campaign, he has not even done anything about them. People are losing their jobs every day, poverty is turning graduates into beggars and thieves and still graduates are coming out of the university into the labour market every year.

So, I think we should ask President Buhari when will this change come, because by now, if we have not seen the change he is talking about then that change will never come



I don’t have hope in any change agenda because Buhari has been deceiving us. He is fighting corruption whereas he is not touching the initiators of corruption. The economy of Nigeria is frustrating since he got into power. But when Jonathan was there, all of you were fighting to remove him that he was not capable of ruling, he watched people stealing money from the country, immediately, we all voted for change and this is the change here.

There is no sector in Nigeria that will not say the economy has not been tough. I hope President Buhari will listen to our cry and work things out for us.



There’s nothing to write home about Buhari’s change agenda again after having waited for 14 months. As the situation is now, nothing has worked. Although, Buhari’s anti corruption war is working, the need to revamp the economy is paramount to the development of the country. We deserve more than what we’re experiencing at the moment. Buhari’s body language is no longer working. Nigerians were jubilating when there was improved power supply for few months after Buhari took over. Bu now, we’re back to square one. So, I think our hope should be in God now, not in Buhari’s administration any more.



Initially, I was with Buhari because of his integrity. But now, I stand alone. I don’t have any confidence in his administration again. He’s a failure. He lacks economic policies that can turn around the fortunes of Nigeria. He and Lai Mohammed are ruling the country with propaganda. Anyway, 2019 will soon come, God spares our lives. APC and Buhari will be shown the way out the way they were ushered in in 2015. We can’t continue like this. Things have to change. This wasn’t the change. Nigerians voted for in 2015.



I don’t think all hope is lost concerning Buhari’s change agenda. The man is trying his best but he has failed in economic aspect of his administration. The poor are really suffering now. Instead of allowing him to concentrate on how to turn the nation’s economy around, the House of Representatives members are still fighting over budget padding. I don’t really know what’s happening to them. But if at the end of Buhari’s two years in office, nothing changes, that means nothing can change again.



Things are really changing truly but in the opposite way. What Nigerians voted for was positive change not negative. Although, we can’t put all the blame on President Muhammadu Buhari, most of his cabinet members are not really willing to serve, the same goes for members of House of Representatives and  almost all the senators. For Nigeria, I think we need a real change. The kind of change that will wipe away all these people in 2019, including Buhari and Osinbajo. They’re just beating about the bush while the poor are suffering due to skyrocketing prices o goods and services. Nothing is working again.


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