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Buhari’s death rumour has kept us busy

The death rumour of President Muhammadu Buhari has kept Nigerians very busy. And most of are agitated about the tale capable of jeopardizing democracy.

With wide divisions across the land, mischief makers and people of good will have taken different positions.

In spite of the information provided by the Presidency and the pictures uploaded to douse tensions, we are all discussing the subject. With many still claiming that the President is not alive!

And those who read meanings to events are postulating that it is the government itself that is behind the rumour. That the subject is to make us so excited and distracted to forget the pains of recession and government’s general ineptitude.

With inflation skyrocketing, jobs lost in droves, electricity at its lowest, and despair and desperation mounting, we needed to be distracted.

Others are positing that the rumour is to test the popularity of the President. And prepare grounds for his reelection in 2019…


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