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Buhari’s illness: 6 things about Meniere disease

The State House finally admitted that President Muhammadu Buhari – who canceled a few official functions in Lagos and Rivers – is very sick, suffering from a painful ear infection which has necessitated his traveling to the United Kingdom today ( Monday, June 6, 2016) for further medical attention. He will be in the UK for ten days for treatment.

Nigerians are very worried about the extended sickness of the president, who in spite of the over N3.8 billion budget for Aso Rock Clinic, appears frail, and now leaving our shores for medical attention. This trip signifies how serious the ailment troubling the 73 year old former head of state, a retired Major General from Daura, Katsina, is.

And rumors  in town have dubbed the ailment troubling our leader as Meniere disease.

Here are the most important facts about the very painful and disorienting ailment:

  1. Ménière’s disease affects the inner ear and might lead to permanent hearing loss. It is a very serious disorder that disorients the sufferer, making him feel as is he’s spinning, with bouts of hearing loss.

Known as vertigo, the spinning episodes may last for between 20 minutes and several hours, and reoccurs without warning.

Severe vertigo leads to vomiting and nausea.

  1. The chronic condition usually affects only one ear, which appears filled with objects or pressure. And this discomfort can be felt in the head, sometimes.
  1. The ear rings, buzzes, whistles, hisses or roars intermittently.
  1. The disturbance in the ear can occur over a long period, with a window of comfort sometimes.
  1. It is unclear what causes Meniere disease, but mistakenly filling the ear with liquid or other objects has been examined as a culprit. Allergies, viral infection, head trauma, genetics, immunity and migraine have also been labeled as possible causes.
  1. Prolonged sickness may lead to fatigue, stress, depression and anxiety, apart from the dangers of an accident because of the disorientation.


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