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Buhari’s inauguration attire less than N40,000!

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New President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari lived up to his austere and spartan nature as his inauguration babaringa cost less than N40,000, ENCOMIUM.ng learnt.

The well-embroidered off-white garb with the woven Hausa cap was a picture of simplicity and seriousness as the 72 year-old former Head of State was sworn in at Eagles Square, Abuja, this morning (Friday, May 29,2015).

The fabric, all of ten yards of it,  would go for about N15,000, and the tailor would have pocketed another N15,000.

The cap, sometimes sold in traffic in Lagos, is well below N5,000.

Excluding the accessories (watch and shoes), all of his ensemble is far less than N40,000!

The tailors (in Agege, Lagos) pocket about N20,000 for the elaborately embroidered tog. And since we suspect the apparel was made in Daura, Katsina (or somewhere in the North), it would be a fraction of that. Same for the cap,which could be as low as N3,000 in the North.


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