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‘Buhari’s major task now is to revive the economy’ – Nigerians urge returnee President

Many Nigerians were happy and joyous seeing President Muhammad Buhari back in Nigeria on Saturday, August 19, 2017, after having been on medical vacation in the UK for 104 days. His arrival also shocked his critics, including Ekiti governor, Ayodele Fayose, who had earlier insisted the ailing president was not likely to survive the undisclosed ailment he has been battling shortly after he took over the mantle of leadership of the country from his predecessor, Goodluck Ebele Jonathani on May 29, 2015.

However, what interests the vast majority of his supporters now is not the celebration of his arrival but how the second coming from the leave will be permanent and change the country for the better.

Also, almost all Nigerians spoke to expressed joy about the arrival of the Daura, Katsina born soldier turned politician. They, however, charged him to hit the ground running, especially in certain aspects as they affect the common man so far he has been certified fit by his physicians.


‘Buhari should start by fighting against hate speech’ – EMMANUEL NNANA

“I am happy the man is back. Now that he is in our midst hale and hearty, he should take over fully and start by waging war against hate speech. He should make sure he talks tough against that because we’re all Nigerians irrespective of our ethnic backgrounds. He must ensure Nigeria remains united.. He should also work assiduously on the economy because if the economy improves, poverty will be reduced. Buhari should also fight hard against all forms of crimes, including kidnapping, cyber fraud, robbery and all that. The fact that our economy is sick is not enough as excuse to be embarking on such heinous crimes. Although, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has been performing quite well, Nigerians still want Buhari to act his part also as arrow head of the country.”


‘He has to wage serious war against poverty this time around’ – OBI UZOR

“First, I will like to start with Fayose’s issue who had earlier wished President Buhari death. To me, that’s unfair. Buhari is a human being like him. How can you wish your fellow human being death in the name of politics? That’s not good. I am a card carrying member of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), I can’t support that at all.

“Then, on the issue of what I want Buhari to concentrate on now that he has returned to take his mandate, I want him to work more on power supply. If electricity is much more stable, citizens will be engaged in more and more productive activities. Buhari should also ensure the rest two years of his tenure is spent on how to improve the economy so that there will be food on the tables of Nigerians because now, hunger is everywhere. He should also pay serious attention to the Association of Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike and ensures he dialogues with the aggrieved lecturers now that he’s back in the interest of our children. Enough of ruling us by propaganda. He should be going straight to the point on any issue that affects the interest of all Nigerians. I am very happy that he’s back hale and hearty and ready to face his mandate as our president. I believe the man means well for the country but the people around him are the ones sabotaging him.”


‘He should fight hunger to a standstill’ – DUPE BADA

‘I am happy that Buhari didn’t die as predicted by Fayose. My appeal to him now that he has returned is just one thing, he should face the issue of hunger and fight it to a standstill. If hunger is out of poverty, the rest is minimal. Hunger is just everywhere. Children no longer feed well and is really affecting them, so also adults. I thank God for bringing him back safely. But he should try and do everything possible to ensure there’s rice, beans, yam, semovita and other essential commodities everywhere, we will all be happy.’


‘We only need food on our tables’ – ALFA TIJANI SALAKO

“It’s a good thing that Buhari survived at last. In fact, I rejoice with him. But now that he is back, he shouldn’t give us any reason to proceed on any medical vacation abroad again. He needs to stay here in Nigeria and ensure all is well with Nigerians he’s ruling. The most important thing now is war against hunger. Let there be food on our tables, no one will complain again.”


‘He needs to work on the unity of the country’ – EZEKIEL FALADE

“I am happy for President Muhammadu Buhari and I believe his return now will be permanent and bring the desired change. Nigeria’s unity is at stake at the moment. So, he needs to hit the ground running on the issue most especially. A lot of issues revolving around secession must be quickly addressed, he shouldn’t waste time on that at all.”


‘He should convene national conference’ – BENARD CHUKWU

“I will advise the man to convene national conference as soon as possible so that all the agitations he met on ground can be addressed amicably. Lets us know who are really interested in the country Nigeria and those who want to succeed instead of fomenting troubles up and down every day.”


‘He should wage war against kidnapping’ – CECILIA EKANEM

“My main concern now is this kidnapping of a thing. Nowhere is secure now. Everybody is afraid of moving around because of the fear of being kidnapped. Those with exotic cars are afraid of cruising around in them. Buhari should ensure he fights kidnapping seriously. He shouldn’t allow the case of Evans to die like that because we no longer hear anything about it.”


“Buhari should work on unemployment’ – ABUBAKAR SANUSI

“The only thing I will enjoin the president to work on now is unemployment. I believe vast majority of Nigerian youths are idle, that’s why they’re into many criminal activities. Buhari should ensure giving the youth reasonable jobs should be a priority now that he’s back. I am happy for him.”


‘He needs to work more on security’ – PEACE ATTAH

“There’s a lot of security threats in the land. Boko Haram guys are fighting back, regrouping everyday to commit more atrocities despite all the efforts of government to curtail their activities. Also, troubles keep surfacing in other parts of the country. So, the issue of security must be addressed once and for all now that Buhari is back. And Nigerians won’t be happy to gear that GE’s going on any medical vacation again throughout the remaining two years of his first term.”


– Tade Asifat for 


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