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Buhari’s ‘medical tourism’ embarrassing – Nigeria doctors


A group of doctors under the aegis of Nigeria’s Commonwealth Medical Association has condemned President Buhari for seeking medical attention for his ear infection in London.

Dr Osahon Enabulele, the vice president of the group said in a statement:

nab6.jpg-588-5735993317605“This foreign medical trip flies in the face of the federal government’s earlier declaration of her resolve to halt the embarrassing phenomenon of outward medical tourism, which as at the end of the year 2013 had led to a humongous capital flight of about $1bn [£685m], particularly from expenses incurred by political and public office holders (and their accompanying aides), whose foreign medical trips (most of which are unnecessary) were financed with tax payers’ resources.

Mr President has lost a golden opportunity to assert his change mantra through a clear demonstration of leadership by example, by staying back to receive medical treatment in Nigeria and thereby inspiring confidence in Nigeria’s health sector which currently boasts of medical experts that favourably compare with medical experts anywhere in the world, if not even better.”

President Buhari embarked on a 10-day break on Monday. He would see an ear, nose and throat specialist for a persistent ear infection in London.

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