Buhari’s popularity wanes

– Voters unhappy with president’s performance

Millions of Nigerians are unhappy with the economy, fuel scarcity, power outages, rising cost of living and more. And President Muhammadu Buhari’s popularity rating is nose diving.

We asked some Nigerians if they’d vote for the president if elections were held today. Their responses were as interesting as it was shocking…


‘It’s still the same Sai Baba! Sai Buhari!’ – IBRAHIM SALISU

If there is a presidential election today, I will still vote Muhammadu Buhari. It’s still the same Sai Baba! Sai Buhari! Not because I am a northerner but because I know the man understands the pains in the country and he can’t afford to inflict more on the people.

All his struggles, I believe, are being targeted at making the country better. What we all need is patience because to repair a damaged structure, people should know it’s not even a year’s job. So, I will continue to vote for change.


‘I will rather beg Jonathan to come back even with his corruption’ – OBI NWAIFOR

I have lost confidence in Buhari already. So, if they bring him now, I won’t vote for him. I will rather beg Jonathan to come back even with his corruption. If we spend a whole year fighting corruption, fuel getting perpetually scarce, electricity not fixed, no job, crime rate rising every minute, all these are enough to measure the performance of a government.

And Buhari’s administration has failed in all. So, how do you now expect me to vote for him if there were to be an election today?


‘I won’t vote anybody not even an Igbo man’ – NWEKE GODWIN

If elections were held today, I won’t vote anybody not even an Igbo man. All those we have been voting for have not been ruling us well, you can imagine what is happening. I don’t like our politicians at all, they are all the same.


‘I can’t say for now…’ – MR. PHILIP

I can’t say for now because he has not even spent up to one year in office. I can’t judge him now until he completes his tenure with good performance. He still has three years more to spend. Let us wait and see what happens after the four years, then I will know if I will vote him again or not.


‘I will still vote Buhari’ – GBOYEGA

Even if Buhari wishes to go for the 4th term, I will still vote him. Everything that is happening now is because those senators are no longer receiving bribes that Jonathan used to give them. All those money they carry inside Ghana must go.

They will get used to this new system very soon, come back to their senses and cooperate with the president.


‘I will never vote for Buhari’ – PASTOR ALEBIOSU

God forbid bad thing. I will never vote for Buhari. In fact, I didn’t vote for him in the last election. Look at his performance now, look at how poor it is. I know he won’t even dare to go for second term because he has not done anything to prove he is worth it.


‘I will vote Buhari over and over again’ – RASHEED AJALA

I will vote Buhari over and over again. Though it seems he is not doing anything that is what most people think. But to be frank, it is this kind of man that we need. Somebody that is tough, we just have to be patient with him, he is working.


buhari 1-Fullscreen capture 4222016 13807 PM‘Opposition party want to sabotage his government’ – RAHMON ADEMOLA

Yes, I will vote him because I believe all that is happening is the work of the opposition to sabotage his government.


‘I won’t vote for anybody again’ – NWASULU ANNEI

No, I won’t vote because these politicians are not trust worthy and if I vote for them, seeing the way they rule us, I will not be happy at all. It is better for me not to vote at all.


‘Buhari is my man all the time’ – ADENIYI ADEYERI

Yes now, I will vote for him again because he’s fighting anti-corruption in Nigeria. No president has done that before. And before his four years ends, I know, we will have a better Nigeria.


‘I can vote for him…’ – EMEKA ALLOY

Yes, I can vote for him, after all he has not completed his four years. He just used some months and by the time he completes his tenure and he does well, I can now vote for him again.


‘I don’t vote’ – JENNIFER OKEKE

I don’t vote but if I wish to vote, I won’t vote for Buhari because I can’t see what he has done in 11 months as president. I don’t think I can vote for him.


‘I’m happy with his administration’ – OLAYEMI ADEBO

Sure, I will vote for him. I’m educated enough to know the difference between the previous administration and the present one. We were living in corruption before and our leaders were busy with stomach infrastructure. I’m happy with the present administration and I will vote for change over and over again. Though things might be rough now, I strongly believe we will all enjoy the benefit at the end.


‘His administration has a plan for this country’ – AKINTOLA SEGUN

I think I will vote for him. His administration has a plan for this country compared to the previous one. We all are suffering the effect of corruption of the past administration. Let’s us all endure and hope things will be good and better.


‘I can’t tell you yes or no’ – SOEWU OMONIYI PETER

During the previous general elections, Buhari presented a meaningful manifesto. That’s why I made him my choice. So, asking if the election was held today would I vote for him? It means I have to consider the future for this country, and his plan for me as an entrepreneur before I can boldly tell you yes or no.


‘How can you expect me to vote for him?’ – STANLEY BRIGHT

Never! How can you expect me to vote for him? I will not, the country is in a very worrisome condition. We hardly get food on our table. People are living from hand to mouth. Since he came into office, nothing has been interesting. Personally, I will never vote for him.


‘I won’t vote for him again’ – RASHEED OGUNSANYA

No, I won’t vote for him. I find everything hard in this present administration, so I won’t vote for him again.


‘I regret voting him to power’ – ABIDEMI FOLORUNSHO

Things were not as bad as this. We have started feeling the economic harshship but not a terrible one as this. Prices of food had not gone up, there was supply to a reasonable extent. The only thing I can remember was scarcity of petrol.

I can never vote for Buhari again. I regret voting him to power. I think things should be better than these with all the campaign promises. They are saying we should exercise patience but it is really getting out of hand.


‘His regime was better so far’ – FOLA OLOMON

His (Jonathan) regime was better. People were not complaining as much as they do now. Though, it wasn’t as if things were that easy then but not as tough as it is now. I don’t think so. I don’t believe in him at all. I regret that he came to power.


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