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Buhari’s score card in two years



It’s exactly two years  that Muhammadu Buhari was sworn-in as President and Commander-In-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria after defeating former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in the 2015 election. But since Buhari took over, the economic situation of the country has not improved. Instead, things are getting worse by the day.

The situation has, however, left many Nigerians in doubt as regards Buhari’s ability to deliver on his campaign promises as contained in his political party, All Progressives Congress (APC) manifesto.

However, some sections of Nigerians  spoke to on the assessment of Buhari in the first half of his four-year tenure have scored

him low,  especially on the aspect of the economy which keeps dwindling by the day while they gave him kudos in the ongoing fight against corruption.


‘Buhari’s performance is not encouraging at all’ -ADEOYE EZEKIEL

“I can’t give Buhari any good score because he doesn’t deserve it yet. Since he became president in 2015, he hasn’t benefited Nigerians. Instead, things are only getting worse. We’re all living witnesses, our situation wasn’t as worse as this when Jonathan was there. The only thing I can give to Buhari is the anti corruption fight which is yielding the desired fruits. Apart from that, nothing has been achieved so far. To me, any economic policy or exchange rate that does not have any positive impact on the common man is rubbish. So, the president has a lot of work to do to convince Nigerians that he’s really capable of leading us. His two years so far is more or less a waste.’


‘Buhari has disappointed Nigerians’ -OLAGOKE ADEDINA

” Buhari has failed woefully in his two years of ruling us so far. In fact, he has disappointed Nigerians. But may be because of his ill- health, that’s why everything has slowed down. Apart from his anti corruption crusade,  we’re yet to feel his impact in other aspects. Our economy is nothing to write home about. Prices of commodities are always on the high side irrespective of whether the exchange rate is high or not. Life is too difficult now compared to what we experienced during Jonathan administration. Although, it’s understandable that the whole problem started during the last administration, things should have normalized a bit. Buhari needs to step up when he returns from his health vacation. And if he knows he can’t continue, he should just handover to Osinbajo and allow the country to move forward.”


‘I still believe in Buhari’ -EMMANUEL NNANA

‘Although, things are not as expected, I still believe in Buhari. The man can still surprise us. All he needs do is strengthen his economic team and fast forward some of his policies, things will surely move forward. He has good plan for Nigeria. Although, he has only done well in one aspect in the first half of his tenure, which is the fight against corruption. To me, we need it because without it, we can’t move forward. ”


‘Buhari’s performance is not that bad’ -ABUBAKAR MUHAMMED

“I don’t agree and I won’t agree that Buhari has failed the country totally as many people are saying. It can’t be that easy for him to rebuild the country in two years. We still need to be patient and pray for the man.”


‘Buhari means well for Nigeria’ -WOLE ADEGBENJO

Buhari’s two years so far may not be that encouraging but that does not mean he doesn’t mean well for Nigeria. Left to me, the man is doing his best to ensure he stabilizes the economy but a lot of people are in there sabotaging his good efforts because they don’t want him to get the credit of reshaping the country. He has really done well in his battle against corruption which I think is very important before every other thing. I believe he will still deliver on his campaign promises. The man will take us by surprise when he is back on his feet. We only owe him our prayers.”


-Tade Asifat for

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