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Buhari’s stance on Fulani herdsmen belated, Nigerians cry

Since the pronouncement by president Muhammadu Buhari on the nefarious activities of Fulani herdsmen, yesterday (April 27, 2016), a lot of Nigerians have welcomed the development, while some have condemned it. They described it as a mere medicine after death. Some Nigerians encomium.ng spoke to on the issue also came out in one voice, describing the step as belated.

“Why must Buhari wait till now before taking that decision? It’s unfair. He has waited for long and allowed the Fulani herdsmen demolish many communities, including the recent attack on Enugu,leaving about 20 people dead and many property damaged. May be Buhari is afraid of reprisal attack by the Igbo, that’s why he now ordered that hence forth, the Fulani herdsmen should be dealt with the way of Boko Haram. To me, he should have taken that step in the beginning, not necessarily allowing them become another set of dreaded terror group just like the Boko Haram before coming up with a stringent measure against their dastardly act.”



“Buhari’s decision is too late. When these people started in Benue, they didn’t only kill people or destroy property,they also raped our women. I am from Benue, I can tell you authoritatively that our people are not happy about the incident. It’s a taboo for anyone to invade our community and rape our women.

“Now, Buhari just woke from his slumber that he should come out with a stern decision. May be because of what happened in Enugu few days ago. It’s unfair. Is it because the president is a Fulani? Did he forget he is supposed to be the father of all the tribes in the country?

“Even, the grazing bill of a thing is rubbish. It will only give the herdsmen more advantages to harass and intimidate their host communities.”



“It’s a good but belated step. Buhari should have done that earlier. Even, the Inspector General of Police and Director of State Security Service have failed in their responsibilities. It’s now when the thing has started spreading to different parts of the country that Buhari is now making noise about it. He should have ordered a clamp down on them before now. He’s just too slow in tackling the issue”



“The Fulani cattle rearers are even deadlier than the Boko Haram guys. The only thing is that they are not faceless as the Boko Haram. If Buhari had taken this stance since, he should have curbed their activities. He promised to tackle  insecurity,doesn’t he know the Fulani herdsmen constitute a lot of security threats in the land? Is it now he realizes they should be dealt with? Allowing them to operate this far has furthered battered Nigeria’s security image before the international community. Buhari should take the issue more seriously so that it won’t snowball into civil war.”


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