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Bunmi Banwo unveils

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Bunmi Banwo is a personal trainer and founder of a site that helps moms to strike a balance between the home front and looking good. It also helps women lose weight, improve overall health, fight depression, fatigue and regain their confidence especially after child birth.
The vision was a result of her struggle with weight loss after child birth, as a serial fad dieter living on laxatives to maintain her weight, she tried every diets to stay in shape all to no avail until she discovered
After the discovery, Bunmi has since lost five dress sizes through healthy eating and exercise. Through her site, she taught simple steps to lose weight and maintaining it for life without starving and without fad diets. She also teaches how to cook foods dieters love most in a healthy way. Her package also includes teaching how to exercise without going to the gym, especially for busy moms.
Above all, Bunmi teaches how to get a change of mindset for weight loss success and how to include the household in their new lifestyle. She has gradually warmed her way into a lot of women’s heart with the efficient weight loss strategy.

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