Buruji Kashamu addresses drug allegations (3) -‘It was a case of mistaken identity’

I was wrongly accused of, arrested, tried and discharged in respect of the offences charged in the same indictment alluded to by my adversaries. Indeed, my arrest, detention and trial were at the behest of the U.S authorities, which fully participated in the whole extradition proceedings.

If after a full trial on the basis of the same indictment, the British courts exonerated me (finding that it was a case of mistaken identity), one wonders which other indictment Chief Obasanjo is talking about.

Even the U.S. Court of Appeal, in its recent judgment in respect of an application I filed against the continued existence of this dead indictment, has said that it realised that the U.S. authorities has no chance of succeeding against me in any further extradition attempt because of the findings of the English Courts that I am not the person involved in the alleged offences, describing any such attempt as “whistling in the dark”.

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