‘Business has been on the low side this year ‘ – Entrepreneurs cry (2)

As 2015 draws to an end, most business men and women have started taking stock of their transactions since January till date. Some entrepreneurs ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to said the year has not been all that favourable to their respective traders due to the economic situation of the country.

However, they all have the hope that 2016 will be better. 



Business from January has been poor, although we all know it’s election year. Usually, it has a way of slowing down the economy and business, especially when a new government takes over, they usually need time to settle. As a result I will rate my business average.

I did not meet most of my targets. Some were successful while some failed due to the economic situation. Others are still pending.

First quarter, we intend to settle on some of the pending projects before we move to new ones.



My business has experienced tremendous improvement. I now have branches all around Lagos with wholesale shop at Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Complex in Surulere, Lagos.

Sure, I’m meeting my targets slow and steadily. It’s been a long year of ups and downs but my targets are being met.

I intend to have other retail and wholesale shops on the Island and Lekki in Lagos. I want to expand the existing ones and get more. I am opening a male couture shop in Lekki, early 2016 and hope to get more as the year progresses.



It’s been a topsy turvy year, like any other I would say. I think business people, especially small and medium scale businesses, will tell you this year presented really tough challenges. It started with the campaign which made customers apprehensive, then the election, handover and all that. The worse of it is the fuel scarcity throughout the year, like we’re experiencing now. I think the authorities need to understand that businesses survive on generators as the national grid is not reliable. That made things unnecessarily hard. But thankfully, it worked out well. I believe it’s all for the better of business interests and us as individuals..



2015 has not been that rewarding, business wise. Everything has been dull since the beginning of the year due to preparations for elections. And after President Buhari was sworn-in, Nigerians expected that things would change for the better in few months which we should all know it’s not possible. I couldn’t meet my targets this year.

I only hope for the better come 2016. I believe in Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade done with that, I believe we will all have every reason to smile. By the grace of God, 2016 will e our year of success in all our endeavours.



Things started a bit tough this year due to the elections. Business is always not too good at the beginning of the year, but I thank God everything is going on fine now.

I was able to meet some of my targets, not all of them. Hope to meet them in 2016. 2016 is going to be a great year for me and my business. I look up to God Almighty for that.



I don’t know about others but for me it’s been a horrible business year. The uncertainties did not help matters, we’re just praying for a better 2016. I don’t think I was able to meet my targets. Our fingers are crossed, let’s hope our clients have more spending power next year.



My business started well this year and I would say things were better for us as freight forwarders before former President Jonathan was voted out. But since the beginning of this administration, nothing good has happened.

And every well meaning Nigerian knows that as well. Economy is poor, every business is at a standstill. I am only paying salary to my workers without anything to show for it. It’s sad that things are not getting any better despite all the promises of the All Progressives Congress (APC). Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade has not helped matters also. He’s only stepping on the toes of those who were against him during the election.  And that can’t move the nation forward. His government has lost focus and that’s really affecting all businesses in the country.

I couldn’t meet all my targets at all. It’s only few weeks back that we started doing little jobs. For five months, we have not been doing anything. But our hope still lies in God. We believe 2016 is going to be okay for us. Our plans depends basically on what comes out of this administration by next year.


OGBONNA IBIAM, One-Tu Services

Assessment of business, it’s improving, We are getting near target. First quarter will be for intensive marketing to keep retaining clients and acquire new ones.



The first two quarters weren’t what I expected, but this third quarter is promising. I will get most of the results in the first quarter of 2016. I know that 2016 will be promising.


OLA MUHAMMED, Islander magazine

We didn’t meet up, particularly the last six months of the year.

But we started planning for next year since last week to guard against such occurrences next year.

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