‘Business has been on the low side this year ’-Entrepreneurs cry (3)

As 2015 draws to an end, most business men and women have started taking stock of their transactions since January till date. Some entrepreneurs ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to said the year has not been all that favourable to their respective traders due to the economic situation of the country.

However, they all have the hope that 2016 will be better. 



Huri Classic Limited

2015 has been a great year but from June things were a little difficult due to the power that changed hands.  To be sincere, we couldn’t meet targets because money wasn’t circulating.

But right now, we are making progress as my business is festive oriented. Though people still complains about the economy  life must go on. 2016 will be better for entrepreneurs because things look a little brighter. But we pray fuel and power situation get better.



Ever After

I would say with my assessment, it was just okay. We bless God for everything we were able to achieve. Though, I would have loved to go further than this. I had a lot of expectations which were met but it would have been nicer if I had a better result.

After the enjoyment of the Christmas and New Year I would start thinking of that.



Things have been generally tough since the beginning of 2015, but we are still thankful to God no matter the circumstance. Right now, the situation has not improved. We only hope that 2016 will be better. What’s happening now was not caused by Buhari, he’s just unfortunate to have inherited the bad government left by his predecessor. So, it’s not easy repairing or rebuilding an economy that has been bastardized for 16 years in just less than one year. Let’s all be patient and prayerful. I believe 2016 is going to be better.



Larry Gent Motors

Once you are alive, all you need to do is to thank God. 2015 was not really good but will say my business this year was better than last year. I would not say I met my target and at the same time I would not say I did not meet my targets.

In 2016, I am expanding my business by involving myself in real estate. I am into car business and I also own a hotel. By 2016, I will combine everything and I start making more money. The real estate business is to be called Larry Gents Real Estate.



Things have not been easy, business wise since the beginning of this year, especially after the new administration took over. The government inherited huge debt. And there’s nothing Buhari could do except that we all pray for him to succeed.

The only advantage Nigerians have is that Buhari is old and has integrity. At 73, he has nothing he’s looking for again other making since the masses enjoy his government. Things would have been worse if Jonathan had won the election. But we thank God there was a change of baton. Now, with Yemi Osinbajo in Buhari’s administration as Vice President, the government can’t afford to fail. My advice is that the government should domicile account for us to enable us transfer money into our customers accounts. Also, government should ensure naira is strengthened against the dollar or any other foreign currency. These and few other things are necessary to ensure free flow of business in 2016. I know at the end of the tunnel there is light. I hope for a better 2016.



Faw Couture

It was kind of slow. There was no job but however, we are looking forward to a better 2016. It affected manufacturing. I did not really meet my target. The level of expenditure was very high and our customers were always complaining. We intend to create better designs that will attract customers.



Sam’s Media

My business started well this year. I got more jobs before the elections. The elections didn’t favour me because I lost some jobs due to the elections and since then, business has not been stable.

I didn’t really meet my target this year due to elections and the change in government. The first quarter will be for getting more clients and improving my business.



Cakes by Lonpe

I would say it’s been generally good. If I’m to rate over 10, I would say I got 7 which is good.  I got new customers; I got a contract with a school and a company this year to help with cakes for their staff which was one of my targets this year. So, yes. I almost met my target but you know what they say almost doesn’t kill a bird, still have to work harder.

I have got a lot of plans for 2016. First, I have already registered in a catering school to widen my knowledge on some “craftiness”. I am also presently learning some new dessert recipe, so new dessert alert coming up in 2016. I also plan to get a new shop where people can relax and have a yummy taste of my cakes. These are some of my plans for 2016.



Mauldelene Arts

My business is still a baby under my breast. I have not met my target as I haven’t gotten the kind of awareness my business needs. I intend to improve on my marketing strategy as I will be using all forms of media to increase my business awareness come 2016.



LNDesigns and Interior Décor

I have lots of plans for 2016, but God is the master planner. As for meeting my target for the year, I would say it was bad as I was able to achieve about 65 percent of the targets set for myself at the beginning of the year.

It was fair but would have been better. The foreign exchange did not help matters, but I am thankful.



Fantasy land

I think it’s all about perspective. I won’t say it’s been a bad business year, but it hasn’t been fantastic either. Yes, there have been some challenges we’ve had to battle, yet we’ve pulled through. The year didn’t start off very well for us in our industry, clients seemed to always have a ready excuse before entering negotiations. Things normalized at some point. We’re better off for it.

I can’t divulge everything but next year, we plan roll out some innovative programmes.



Desy’s Event

Business has not been stable this year. Prices went up. Some of our customers didn’t want to do business again because our charges increased. At a point business was getting better and customers were coming to do business with us. To some extent, I will say I met my target. Some jobs were successful, while some weren’t. I will say we met 75 percent of our target.

First quarter of next year, we are planning to set up a new department and also employ staff who are capable and also put in some new ideas.

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