Businesswoman, Princess Toyin Atobatele reveals how she manages her businesses and marriage

toyin atobatele

BUSINESSWOMAN, Princess Toyin Atobatele has added another one to her chain of businesses.  This time around, a restaurant that will operate with the name, Wendys Place.  The new enterprise will be opened on lovers’ day, February 14, 2014. The delectable woman spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly about this and more…

Why did you delve into restaurant business?

I have always been into food business. I didn’t just wake up one day and went into it. I have been into catering services for 15 years.  I do outdoor catering.  When I started I had Larry B and Wendys, I was running the two together.  While Larry B is about food, Wendys is clothing and accessories.  Now, I am incorporating the two into one, Wendys which is gotten from the name of my last daughter.  This restaurant now would not be all about fast food, because of my size.  I read about foods.  Here we give out only fresh food that is just prepared.

Does it mean your clothing line will suffer?

Not at all, the businesses are in one place, so I will be here supervising everything.

What was your husband’s reaction when you told him you want to add to your business chain, won’t that be too much commitment on your side whereby the home front suffers?

My husband has always supported me in everything I do.

What should we expect from Wendys Place when it is fully opened?

Good food, fresh from the kitchen.  Many people do not know where to hangout for lunch, Wendys Place provides the ambience for that.

Before coming into business, did you ever work anywhere?

No, after my NYSC, I wasn’t doing anything.  I didn’t work and that is the one regret I have. If I had worked before coming into business, my life would have been better.  Some of my mates whom we finished school together are now general managers of some banks.  What I am saying is that when you work, it helps you a lot, you gain much experience and when you are about to start your own, those people you knew while working will form your clientele.  Those are the things I don’t have.  I am only lucky because I am the outgoing type.  Assuming I don’t go to parties for contacts, nobody would know me.  If I had worked before starting this business, most of those I met in the course of my job would want to be part of my success.

You are extremely beautiful, how do you handle male admirers?

I handle them well.  I tell them I am Mrs. Atobatele.

Does your husband not feel threatened at times because of male attention?

Not at all, he doesn’t feel threatened.

How did you even meet your husband?

It’s a long story.  I don’t think I can remember.  We have been together for long.

What keeps the marriage going?

When you are a wife, there are some things you should not bother about.  There are friends you should avoid.  I and my husband run away from gossips. I am not a full housewife, I work.  So many things keep us engaged.

What works for you in terms of business success secret?

I am a goal getter.  I don’t take failure for an answer.  If I fail I do it again.

Briefly describe yourself?

I am a mother, a wife, principled, trendy and blunt.


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