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BVN  registration: Nigerians met October 31 deadline

Saturday, October 31, 2015, was the deadline for Bank Verification Number (BVN) registration throughout the country. And since the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has vowed not to extend the deadline again, many Nigerians have complied, while some waited till die-minutes before they complied.

Those that ENCOMIUM Weekly got across to on this spoke on how far they have gone about the registration.


‘My BVN registration was pretty stress-free’ 

– Esther Edet

My BVN registration was pretty stress-free. I just walked into a branch of one of the banks, joined the queue that was not too long which motivated me to wait, registered without much hassle after which I linked it to my other account, no wahala.

I didn’t get some of the problems I hear people complain and I didn’t encounter any.


‘I didn’t take this BVN something serious until the threat’

 – Jessica Chizaram

At first, I didn’t take this BVN something serious until I read that they’d freeze your account if you don’t; that was what made me quickly register before that deadline. I had to go back to the bank because one or two information did not match with the details of my account. I did and corrected everything.


‘I had to sacrifice other activities for the exercise’


At last, I was able to register for my BVN. I had to sacrifice other activities for the exercise because I can’t afford to lose my money. Also, I can’t afford to undergo the stress, time and other things involved in opening a fresh account. I have two bank accounts already and I have also updated my other account with my BVN so that it won’t be closed. So, I am free now.


‘I didn’t even bother doing it’


I didn’t even bother doing it because I have made up my mind to open a fresh account. I don’t think I need it again. After all, the amount left in the account is not up to N1,000. So, what’s the need to be stressing myself unnecessarily?

I will surely open another account any time it’s convenient for me. If the old account is forfeited, I don’t lose anything.


‘It was not stressful at all’


Yes, I have done my BVN and updated the other account with my BVN number. It was not stressful at all, and that’s because I didn’t do it during the rush/peak period.


‘It’s very easy’ – TOPE AKANDE

Yes, I have done it. It was an easy and smooth process.

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