Cally Ikpe opens up on why NMVA 2015 was postponed


‘We’re yet to fix a new date,  but expect a better packaged show’, he assures


The Nigeria Music Video Awards (NMVA) originally scheduled to hold on Thursday, December 17, 2015, at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos has been postponed.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with the awards organiser, Cally Ikpe on the development who confirmed the shift in date, and revealed that it was impracticable to continue with the original plans.


Why was this year’s NMVA postponed?

The show was postponed because we discovered that it was not practicable for the support we were to get to reach us before the event day. Meanwhile, in anticipation, we had been expending the resources we had just as is our practice. We had always been doing that, but it became apparent that it would not work.

If we had gone ahead with the show against all odds, it would have compromised the quality of the programme. Also, it would have left us indebted heavily at the end of the day and we won’t be able to have rest of mind afterwards. So, we felt that the most reasonable thing to do is move the event by a few weeks, even though we’re yet to fix a new date for it. The event will still be delivered as NMVA 2015, it is 80 percent ready.

Basically, we moved it because of logistics challenge.

That means it is likely to hold early next year?

Yes, early next year.

Would the show be better presented following this postponement?

Definitely! It would be better packaged, more confidently delivered. Everything planned will be bettered. We would be more relaxed presenting it. There’d be more of the elements already planned to be part of the show.

Would there be any major changes to the original plans, as regards venue, performances, hosts and the likes?

The venue remains the same, that’s Eko Hotel. We will have more performances than originally planned, because by then those who were not available originally would be available. It’s an opportunity to get better and attract more sponsorship and more support.

The hosts – Jackie Appiah and Okey Bakassi – remain the same.

Honestly, it was very upsetting, especially for Jackie, though she was quite understanding. She was supposed to arrive the night before the event, but missed her flight. The plan was now for her to come in in the morning of the show which was when the decision was taken and we communicated it to her. It was not very convenient to do, but we had to. We’re carrying her along with the new plans. We were left with terrible options apart from postponing the event.

What’s your message to the audience?

We regret the inconveniences caused by the postponement. Besides, we’ve been very consistent over the years and have not rescheduled for once. I believe they can be a bit more accommodating with this shift, and we’re hoping that the package will be worth their while when it is done.

In the meantime, the solidarity outpouring has been overwhelming. We’ve never felt more loved than we are presently.


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