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Campus romance is a waste of time

Tertiary institutions all over the world are synonymous with whirlwind romances that fizzle out like the morning dew. But relationships are still common at campuses.

ENCOMIUM Weekly, on Thursday, May 19, 2016, asked some university graduates about whether relationship on campus could lead to marriage.

Here are their responses…


YEMI OGINNI – It depends. Most of them don’t stand the test of time and a good number of them end at the gate of the school because the boy and the girl would have forgotten everything they had in common, even the good sex they shared.

So, only a few end up in marriage after long patience and perseverance.


TOBILOBA DICKSON – Out of 100, only 20 percent will result in marriage. The rest are hit and run brothers. They only get into the relationship because they are enjoying something from it.


OLAMIDE IDOWU – In most cases, the graduating student will be looking for fresh intakes to date so they can while away time while they are waiting for graduation. So, most times it goes nowhere. Some of these university boys will even turn the girl to wife material while they are in school and when they are graduating, they will breakup with the girl.


FOLASHADE ASHAOLU – No, it does not, at all. It’s a just a waste of time because the guy will not be financially stable to marry the girl after graduation. Both the boy and girl will be of same age grade, once the girl is out of school, one rich man will ask for the girl’s hand in marriage. So, I pity boys who spend their money on girls in the university.


WISDOM EKANNEM – No, it does not lead to marriage at all because both the boy and the girl involved are not even matured for a real relationship. So, I advice that young boys and girls that want serious relationships to calm down and wait for their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), then they will meet serious and readily minded girls that are prepared to keep a home. Then they can pick one amongst them and marry.


TOWOBOLA AKEEM – It is a game of luck. Some people meet their missing rib in the university. For example, I met my wife in church when I was in school. She was a regular member in church and I was in the choir. Then I used to have a crush on her but I could not tell her because she was a big girl.

After school, we went for service. After service, I met her again at an eatery, then we spoke and all that. Later became friends and now we are married. So, it is a game of luck.



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NATASHA OKECHUKWU – Not in all cases. But in most cases, it does not because both parties are still young and growing up so they use that period to develop their knowledge about relationships and prepare themselves for marriage. If they can stand the test of time and be truthful to themselves, then they are perfect for marriage.


RASHEED OLAYIWOLA – It depends on the type of relationship because in most cases, it is amongst the fresher and the final year students or 400 level students that they will use to keep themselves company while they are waiting to finish their programme. So, for me, it is a waste of time, strength, money and energy.


MISS DABEILA – No, it does not. Most of these university guys are poor. All they do is call the babe and ask if she has food so she could bring his own share to his hostel or they will say babe abeg, borrow me 5k, I go go ATM later. So, anyone waiting for university bobo to marry her is wasting her time and if it ever works, it is one out of 100.


NKEM CHRISTOPHER – It is just two percent out of 100 percent that turn out well because it is mostly for the fun of it and to enhance their sex life and also maintain their social status. It’s not easy because she keeps demanding money every now and then so, most guys will give them half of the money and get enough sex in return. For me, it is a NO.


NWANKEGO FAITH – No, it does not because 99 percent of those relationships don’t lead to marriage and the mentality after school differs because it is a complex world after school, economically and sexually.


EMEKA JUSTIN – Yes, it does. Mine ended up in marriage, but by and large, there are no fast rules, everything depends on the laws of probability like in every other relationship.


RICHARD ENIOLA – No, it does not at all because many campus girls are not even after students like them. Campus girls can never be deeply in love with their fellow students due to lust for societal values. Many male students are suffering and struggling to survive that is why many of these girls prefer sugar daddies that can buy them expensive phones, Brazilian hair, recharge cards and the latest fashion accessories.

Most campus girls are promiscuous that is why guys can never take them serious not to talk of marriage.


ADEDAYO SEYI – Sometime it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Marriage is all about determination from both individuals involved. I can use myself as an example. I met my wife when we were in 100 level and when we were in our final year, we had our engagement. After service, we got married and we are living happily together.


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