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Can you swap phone with your partner for a day?

Our smart phone is often dear to us that we find it difficult to share it with a second party, no matter the level of closeness. This is because it houses our secrets and most valuable information.

This week, sampled opinions of spouses on, “Will you swap phone with your partner for a day?”


Agnes Obuta 

Yes, I can. Because I know I do not have any cockroach in my cupboard. If he feels he wants to use my phone even for a month, I don’t need to be afraid because my conscience is clear.


Michael Akin

I can never exchange my phone with my wife. For what na? I have my business partners that call me almost every day. I cannot give her my phone for even a day because of love.


Fidelia Agbeni

I cannot do without my phone for a day. If he feels he want to go through my contacts, he is free but he can not receive some of my calls because I am into business and my business partners may decide to call and he may begin to frown and that might lead to some kind of misunderstanding.


Engr. Seye

I can swap my phone with my wife only if she will not ask me to analyze my contacts for her. Though, I don’t have anything to hide, the fact is that there is nothing to hide or keep away from her

If she truly wants my phone, fine, she can have it for the whole day.


Folake Adeyemi

I cannot swap my phone for any reason, do you want me to have heart attack? We know all what men do but we just tend to pretend in order to keep our relationships healthy. Even if he wants me to have his phone for a day, I won’t even buy the idea because it might cause me alot of pain at the end of the day.


Charles Ekeozo

I can swap my phone with her when I’m in the house. Though I have nothing to hide, I can not leave the phone with her while I go out. I mean, she has her own phone, even if she is suspecting me for maybe infidelity or what I don’t know, I can allow her check my phone but not to be with her for the whole day.


Magdalene Okoi

I can exchange my phone with him but it’s not proper. So I should miss business calls all in the name of love? If he cannot wait till I’m around, then he should forget it. I know I cannot cheat on him but when he starts demanding for my phone, then I will know he is seeing someone else.


Jeffrey Ayo

I cannot exchange my phone with my partner for a day because I do my business transactions with my phone and she being with the phone will cause a lot of havoc but if she wants the phone, I can let her handle it when I’m around but I can’t leave the phone for any reason with her because she has her own and I cannot collect hers for a day too.


Blessing Okezie

Yes, of course. I can allow him have my phone for a whole day. I got nothing to hide. If he wants it for the whole month, no problem because he knows every number in my contact and he can never suspect me with any.


Paul Onuh

I can allow her have my phone for the whole day if only I’m not expecting any important call from any one because I have nothing to hide but she must understand that aside her I’ve got a whole lot of female fans, business partners and colleagues in the office. So she understands I can never cheat on her.


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