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Carbonated drinks increase diabetes 

Scientists advise that consuming  one can of carbonated drink or ‘soft drinks’ every day is harmful! They also noted that adults who drank one can a day had 46 percent change of developing pre-diabetes. This is when the blood glucose level is higher than normal. However, if detected early, it can be cured by exercise or keeping a healthy diet.
When not controlled, it can lead to Type 2 diabetes. It is destructive and can cause critical heart attacks. Type 2 diabetes  linked to sugary drinks which raise insulin resistance.
Lead researcher of the study, Dr. Nicola McKeown, observed that high sugar-sweetened beverage intake increases the chances of developing early warning signs for type 2 diabetes.
“If lifestyle changes are not made, individuals with pre-diabetes are on the trajectory to developing diabetes. Our findings support recommendations to limit sugar-sweetened beverage intake, which can be achieved by replacing sugary beverages with healthier alternatives such as water or unsweetened coffee or tea,” he said.
Adding that, This is a simple dietary modification that could be of substantial health benefit to people who consume sugary drinks daily and who are at increased risk of diabetes.”
Carbonated drinks may appear harmless, but they contain high level of sugar. If consumed regularly, it could cause major health risk.

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