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BAYO Alawiye, director of MTN sponsored game/talent hunt shows, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and MTN West Africa Project Fame, is out with another blockbuster movie, Darkside. He produced the movie with his wife, Victoria Alawiye, directed and acted in the movie as well.
Darkside was premiered on Friday, October 11, 2013, at Genesis Deluxe Cinema, Victoria Island, Lagos. The movie which was written by Tijani Balogun, tells the story of betrayal, greed, desperation and darkness.
However, during a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the producer revealed reasons for the choice of cast, how much the movie gulped. The major cast also talked about their roles in the movie.

darkside‘I was a victim of circumstance’ – JOSEPH BENJAMIN
How did you join the train of the movie, Darkside?
The director felt I was the most suitable for the role and he was also my friend.
How would you describe the experience?
It was a great experience. It actually put me in another position where my character played the role of a deceitful person and it was a new experience for me because I was able to act that role and to deliver the way I should.
What were the challenges?
About challenges, every job comes with its challenge. The challenge is just the same as the one that comes with other jobs. That is, things that are normal for every job and its requirements. I tried to balance it and go overboard. I just came equal to every task.
Can you tell us your role in the movie?
As a best friend to Bankole (Bayo Alawiye), he has a wife who was not very truthful and sincere and it was obvious she married him for who he is and the wealth she can acquire. I got caught up with all of this by having an affair with her and at the same time losing the trust of my friend because he trusted me. I was a victim of a particular situation and circumstance.

darkside2‘We were on this movie for three years’
– BAYO ALAWIYE, Producer, Director and Actor
How did you join the train of the movie, Darkside?
The movie was actually produced by me and my wife and I also directed it. I am an actor, director but most times, I act in movies that I’m directing because I am very choosy about the roles I play. I must really believe in you well before I can act in your movie. I don’t act movies that I don’t have artistic control.
How would you describe your experience?
It was an interesting experience.
How challenging did you find your role?
I played the role of a blind man and it was something I have never done before. That part was really challenging for me.
Can you give an insight to your role in the movie?
I played the role of a guy called Bankole Awala, who was in a marriage his father arranged for him before he died and that happens to be the beginning of his problem. He played the lead character and was also betrayed by his friend. Bankole was a man who was betrayed and at some point, he started blaming God.

darkside3-001‘Bayo knows how to bring the best out of you’ – SYLVIA UDEOGU (Deola)
How did you join the train of the movie, Darkside?
I was called up for it by the director and co-producer of the movie, Bayo Alawiye. He called me up to come get the script.
How would you describe your experience?
Working with Bayo was a good experience. He is a kind of director that knows what he is doing, his ways and a go-getter. He also knows how to bring out the best in you.
How challenging was your role?
It was a bit challenging because working with my colleague, Joseph Benjamin was breathtaking, coupled with the fact that I played a very bad role that most Nigerians will describe as ‘deceit’. So, it was difficult for me coming out of my box to fit into that character to play a bad woman.
Can you tell us your role in the movie?
I played the role of Deola, married to Bankole. Deola was forced into the marriage and was never in love with the man she was married to. So, she fell in love with her husband’s best friend and they started having an affair which she did not feel bad about in any way because she was in love with him. So, Deola played the role of a carefree housewife who was having an affair with her blind husband’s best friend.

darkside4‘It was a wonderful experience’
– YEMI SOLADE (Family Doctor)
How did you join the train of the movie, Darkside?
The director and also one of the cast in the movie, happens to be my friend. So, he gave me a call and that was it.
How would you describe your experience?
It was a wonderful and beautiful experience, working alongside Bayo Alawiye and Joseph Benjamin. I really enjoyed myself during the production.
How challenging was it?
It did not seem challenging for me because acting is what I do and it is in me. Nothing was challenging for me.
Can you tell us your role in the movie?
I happen to be the doctor who performed the operation on Bankole that made him regain his sight. I was the family doctor.

‘Darkside is a must watch’ – VICTORIA ALAWIYE, Producer
What have you been up to?
My name is Victoria Alawiye. I am a make-up artiste and skin therapist but I can say my family business has always been movie making. While treating people’s skin, I’ve never stopped supporting my husband in his career as a movie maker.
Can you tell us about your movie, Darkside?
Darkside is a story of trust and betrayal. It is generally about human relationships and feelings. It tells a lot of stories and teaches lots of lessons about marriage.
What inspired the movie?
I can say what inspired the movie is what we all see in the society. How marriages break, how we go about our relationships, what spouses face in relationships and the rise in divorce. Majorly, I will say Darkside is shot in order to teach the young ones out there who are planning to go into matrimony.
Why the choice of cast?
The choice of cast was informed by the complexity of the suspense and the storyline. A good storyline without a good artiste to interpret the story is as good as preparing a meal with no spice.
Why the choice of director?
The choice of the movie director was another hard decision. We needed an experienced and very creative director who could actually bring out the core values in the storyline. Good enough, the director is also an executive director in the project. Apart from being experienced in movie making, he has done many works in the creative world. He’s the director of MTN’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Project Fame West Africa. Knowing all these, I thought there wasn’t any other director who could actually interpret the dream concerning Darkside than him.
How challenging was it for you?
I won’t say it was not challenging but it wasn’t easy because of the cast and crew involved and the personality of the director. The shooting was challenging in view of the standard specification. We wanted something classic and of international standard. So, the cost comes in. Choice of quality artiste and location was really challenging but as surmounted through the help of God.
How much did the movie gulp?
Hmmm! The shoot for cinema isn’t a child’s play. In my own calculation, we have spent about N37 million. The cast, crew, equipment, location, welfare and so on gulped millions of naira not to talk of post-production, hypes and preparation for the cinema. I thank God for the success of the movie. Watch it and give us a feedback. It is available in cinemas across the country, Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island and Ikeja, Genesis Deluxe Cinema, Lekki, Port Harcourt, Enugu; Film House, Ibadan and Silverbird, Abuja.
What else should we expect from your stable?
After this, I’m hoping to shoot another blockbuster movie by the grace of God, Amen.



darkside5-001‘Acting blind was  a new experience’ – NORBERT YOUNG (Blind man)

How did you join the train of the movie, Darkside?
I don’t think there was an audition. I was selected among the cast because the producer believed in me.
How would you describe your experience?
It was a lovely one.
How challenging was it?
It was not so challenging but my role was a little bit challenging because I had to play the role of a blind man. Acting blind was a new experience.
Can you tell us your role in the movie?
I played the role of a blind man, a blind man with inner vision. I was the blind man who warned Bankole not to play God.

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