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POPULAR on-air presenter, Steve Onu, fondly known as Yaw, sure knows his onions.  His sitcom, Yaw and Myn has been a delight to his fans since he started the hilarious and educative soap two years ago.  ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the cast of the soap about their journey so far, their experience and what more fans should watch out for in the soap.


Lillian-showtime‘The experience has been good’


How did you join the train of Yaws ‘n’ Myn?

Yaw has been my friend for sometime.  He told me about the sitcom and I have always wanted to support Yaw in whatever he does.  So, I accepted the script.

How will you describe your experience so far?

The experience has been good.  It is a one big happy family.  Even outside shooting, we relate very well.  The directors have helped in different ways to interpret our roles.

How has it been working with Yaw?

Working with him was not a problem at all.  Yaw tries to make everybody comfortable.

How challenging has it been?

It was not challenging, we are coping since that is what we do.

Can you tell us your role in the sitcom?

I am playing Cheta, Yaw’s younger sister who has finished schooling but not willing to work.  She wants to look pretty always.  She is also a nonchalant girl who does not know how to do house chores.


Ufuoma Ejenobor‘It was fantastic’


How did you join the train of Yaws ‘n’ Myn?

I was invited as a guest on the show.

How will you describe your experience so far?

It was fantastic.  Yaw is my friend and brother. I will give him kudos for getting professionals to work with him.

How challenging was it?

I had to speak Igbo but it was fun.  I made mistakes but because I had to speak the language over and over again, that made it okay.

How financially rewarding is it?

It was fantastic because I did it for a friend.  I did it for the talent, but Yaw was considerate with the pay as well.

What more should we expect from you?

A lot of people don’t actually know that the soap is a feedback from the audience.  So, if they want me back, I will definitely go back.  It all depends on the producer and the audience.


DSC_4799‘It was easy for me to connect with the character’

– STANLEY CHIBUNA a.k.a Funnybone

How did you join the train of Yaws ‘n’ Myn?

I did not audition for the role.  Yaw called telling me about the soap.  He actually knew I could do it, that was why he called me on board.

How will you describe your experience so far?

I am enjoying it.  It was easy to connect with the characters because of my experience.

How has it been working with Yaw?

We are theatre people.  The experience we have has helped us. I knew what he wanted and I was able to deliver.  The director is also talented, we were able to blend.

How challenging has it been?

It was not challenging, I read my script and was able to blend.

Can you tell us your role in the sitcom?

I am Rel.  Rel is a rapper, he is Yaw’s brother who constitutes nuisance in the house.  He is not a focused man, he was giving Yaw problems because of that.


YAW 4‘The journey started with a step’

– STEVE ONU a.k.a Yaw

What inspired your sitcom, Yaws ‘n’ Myn?

I was on a shoot with some friends, owing to the fact that I have been a television face even before I joined Wazobia.  While on that shoot, one of my friends walked up to me and said, “But bros, you suppose get your own television series o.”  To be truthful to you, immediately the idea of putting up one came.  I didn’t start that year (2009), he told me.  But today, I am happy that the idea didn’t die even if the task is stressful.

When did you start shooting the sitcom?

First, I got the script writers, comedian Bovi, a lawyer, Rayo and Obi Martins.  They all wrote Season 1 in 2011.  I gave them the storyline, the characters breakdown, it’s more like a true life story.  The role of my grand mom is actually the way my granny was before she died.  Our gateman was created from a friend’s maiguard that believes he had all in the world.  For Season 2, which we shot this year, we had the script writers, Obi Martins, Rayo and Wisdom Omon.  Bovi couldn’t because he was busy with some other things.  In all, we have more than 50 episodes.

How will you describe the experience so far?

So far, so good.  It has been a wonderful journey with the set of cast and crew working with me.  And most important, God has been so good to us all. I am happy to be back to TV.

How challenging has it been?

The truth is that trying to put up a production anywhere in the world is not easy, from pre-production, production and post-production, managing human resources and also preparing for the seen and unseen.  On my part, it was double because as a radio personality, I must be on air as  early as 5 a.m because I love it and I’m also paid for it, so it must not suffer.  As soon as I’m done, I rush down to the location.  Like I would say and believe, “there are no challenges in life only opportunities.”  One important thing is finance. The shoot is done with my savings but I hope that soon, support would come from companies.

What informed the choice of cast?

What else but the cast being able to interpret very well.  There was an audition and we had nearly 300 actors, after which I did another private audition because it was difficult to get who looked like me.  So, when I saw Funnybone and Lilian, I knew it.  Another thing was to get who would play my grand mom.  I wanted Ngozi Ezeonu but she was too young, so I suggested Ngozi Nwosu.

How do you combine your role as a radio presenter and an actor?

I tried as much as possible not to allow one get a thing away from the other.  But the truth is, it is all about this same me. I do my thing as a radio personality on radio and when on set, I do the acting because duty calls for it.  It is what I have set my mind to do because I have always nurtured the passion and to the glory of God, the journey so far has started with that step.


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