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EVER heard of a hotel managed and operated by four individuals only?  That’s the story of Aduke Hotel, a 90s way.  No thanks to Engineer Babatope Adigun, a.k.a Grandpa, a retired railway worker who in a bid to preserve his late wife’s memory, ensured the hotel effected little or no change over the years after her demise.  However, with the hotel constantly recording losses and fresh hotels with avant-garde practices emerging all around the city, Grandpa knows it is time to take desperate action.  Grandpa fires what is left of the hotel staff and recruits the services of new personnel.  The only problem is, his new personnel are his live-in grandchildren – the ever mischievous and self-obsessed Ranti, alongside his love-obsessed sister, Oluchi and a young overzealous female relative from the village, Odiriverere Dupe Emokpae, who in all honesty, interprets everything literally.  Add the permanently resident Cynthia, an adventurous university student placed under Grandpa’s guardianship by her dad, coupled with the ever youthful old man, Uncle Joe, a close buddy of Grandpa and Voila.  The Aduke Hotel crew is in full swing, guns blazing and with the arrogance of youth,  they all throw themselves into the operations of Aduke Hotel.  Sometimes they enjoy success, most times they do not.  But regardless of how much the family business is falling apart, the love they have for each other never goes away.

Shot on locations at Ultima Studios, Aduke Hotel boasts of a cast that is the perfect blend of veterans and the up and coming in the Nigerian television and film industry such as Ayo Lijadu (Grandpa), Kayode Odumosu (Uncle Joe), Omoye Uzamere (Oluchi), Gabriel Afolayan (Ranti), Ruth Jacobs (Odiriverere), Meg Otanwa (Cynthia) and a host of other brilliant talents in an exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the cast of Aduke Hotel billed to go on air from January 4, 2014, opened up on their experiences.


Bayo Alawiye‘I enjoyed myself thoroughly’

–   BAYO ALAWIYE, Director

How will you describe the experience on set?

It was one of a kind.  I was given virtually all I needed for the job.  I got all the resources.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly. It was a wonderful experience.

How did you get the right set of people for the soap?

Before we started, we went through a thorough auditioning for about three months and found the right people for those roles.  And we were not disappointed.  It was a mix of veterans and young blood.  And they all gave a good account of themselves.

How long will it run?

The first season will run for 25 weeks. However, the soap will be continuous.


Ad Ruth‘I am glad I picked the role’  –   RUTH JACOB

Can you tell us a little about you?

My name is Ruth Jacobs, I am from Imo State. I am a graduate of Lagos State University and I studied English Language.  I have been in the industry for some years now and I think I’m quite experienced. I have been with people in production, soap opera and movies too.  I went through the normal process of auditioning for the role, we went to a couple of auditioning.  It took a whole lot of time.  I just thank God that everything worked out fine.

Talking about your role, when you were given what were the challenges?

The thing is, it has not been easy.  From the beginning, I was glad about the role, I couldn’t contain my joy because it was coming from the Ultima Studio. But then I also know that they have a lot of work to do.  It took a lot of challenges and a couple of other stuffs.

What’s your role?

I played Odiriverere, who is a comic maid in the hotel.



ad Meg‘I quit a role for Aduke Hotel’ – MEG OTANWA

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Meg Otanwa.  I am an actor.  I have been acting for close to three years now. I played the role of Cynthia.

Can you tell us how you have been able to play the role of Cynthia?

The funny thing is, I got a role and was going for a shoot at the location in the East.  I was billed to leave on a weekend.  And a day before, I got information about the audition for Aduke Hotel.  When I heard the name Ultima Studio, producers of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Project Fame, I was like oh, it is a real audition that I have to attend.  I actually attended the audition.  So, I quit the role I was billed to feature.

How will you describe the experience?

Like Uncle Ayo and Pa Kasumu who have been in the business for so long, they were always there for us.  We asked them questions from time to time.  Anytime you needed them they would give you good feedback.  They helped us. It was a very fulfilling experience for me as an actress.

Did you regret being part of the shoot for Aduke Hotel?

No way whatsoever.  I had no regret, even after the auditioning and I didn’t hear from them.  I didn’t feel bad that I didn’t go for the shoot.  I didn’t know if I was going to be counted, but I just went by my instinct.  I was like I have to attend this audition. These people, I haven’t heard of any of their auditions before for a movie or a soap. I was happy that I would be there and went for the audition but unfortunately, I got called back and I went for the call back and we did another round of audition.  It was a tough audition.  When I eventually got the part, I came for the general reading and the director kept saying don’t try to be funny just say your lines convincingly, that’s all we want.  I thank God for that instinct not to go for that other movie and just this one because I gained a lot being on this set.  I learnt a lot from experienced actors.  It was a shoot. I got the job but I had to cancel the shoot.  I contacted them earlier enough to let them know that they should get someone else that I have something to do.  So, I have no regret.


Aduke Hotel cast2‘The working environment was very conducive’ 


How did you get the role?

I just got a call one day from a production house asking me to come over and I went over.  I read the script, I guess somehow I had been zeroed in for a particular role because I won’t say what I did was much of an audition.  I read a script and I was given a date for the production.

Can you tell us your experience?

The experience was pleasurable.  First, the working environment was very, very conducive.  When you are working with professionals who know their onions, right from the script, the technical crew, the director not to talk of the members.  All seemed to just blend.  It was just a fantastic experience working with this particular cast and crew.  The job was so easy and pleasurable and very exciting I must say.  I really, really enjoyed myself.


Ad Afolayan‘It was a refreshing experience’


How did you get to know about the audition and how did you get your role?

I was called by Mr. Bayo Alawiye who is my senior colleague.  He knew what I can do in terms of stuffs like this.  I came for the auditioning and the rest is history.

How will you describe the experience?

Refreshing, it was something very, very original in terms of storyline. It was awesome and quite organized.  I fitted in because the cast represent every day people around us.



Ad Omoye‘I am humbled and proud to be part of it’ 



Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Omoye, I work as a radio presenter.  I am an actor and a film producer.  I am very passionate with acting. I am glad that the opportunity came like the Second Chance.  I am humbled and proud to be involved.  And I am glad that people are doing good jobs in Nigeria.

How did you get the role?

I worked with Ultima Studio on TV drama, Pilot two years ago.  I heard about the audition and there was a party to attend because I know some of them here.  So, I called the director that I heard he was auditioning if I could join. He said if you come here we will drive you away.  Those people are doing well and they won’t call me.  I felt like, why won’t they?  Then I relaxed.  They later called me.  So, there are some reading.  We came back again for another reading.  We came back for a screen test.  I wanted to play Obire because I am Edo. I felt I wasn’t supposed to play something different from my personality.  We came back for a screen test and after we were finally asked to do a reading together.

Tell us about your experience.

I would be honest with you.  At first, it was stressful and I didn’t want to get up in the morning but I got here because I have something aside the contract.  As an actor himself, he understood how to get the best from me, he understands when you are tired.  The environment was amazing as I said, very friendly and professional.  I played the role of Oluchi.



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