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6 Bible passages that expose fake pastors

With pastors and churches mushrooming across Nigeria, and many unbecoming scandals emerging daily, Christains are enjoined to be circumspect …


Never transgress dress codes!

 GENTLEMEN are respectful and considerate –and one of their objectives is to amplify the joy of those celebrating or …


How to behave at funerals

T’a ba ku l’an d’ere, eniyan o suwon l’aye (Yoruba proverb – ‘The departed are idolized and romanticized, the …


What to wear to a funeral

T’iku ba npa ojugba eni, owe l’o npa fun ni (Yoruba proverb – ‘When your age mates begin passing …


How to match pocket squares

Gentlemen, real men, are particular about details!  And details, paying attention to little things, separate the great from the …