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Catherine-Monique and Sly Monay to showcase at AFWL 2016



Catherine-Monique as a brand is about bringing African culture together with western culture through high fashion. It’s about providing alternative ways of wearing African prints with a current twist.

Her inspiration for collection she will be showcasing at AFWL 2016 is birds. The silhouette of the birds and how the feathers are built up and layered to make the bird, married with African prints. Birds and the African prints carry bright and beautiful colouring, which make it ideal to work together.


A fashion forward, innovative brand that designs and produces male and female bespoke and ready-to-wear collections. Sly Monay came into existence in 2012 as a result of looking at the African culture, way of life, style, innovation and taking fashion to the next level.

The brand’s aim is to give Africa a face all over the world, as a result, the designs are very stylish native attires that can be multidimensional in the sense that it can serve as an alternative to suits on red carpets, formal and informal events.

Sly Monay is set to release the Sly Monay 2016 collection “The Cravat masterpiece: Afro-European collection”.

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