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CELEBRATING FELA 20 YEARS AFTER: ‘My mother must see a doctor,’ Fela’s daughter

MOTUNRAYO, Fela’s 14 year-old daughter wants her mother to see a doctor. She said: “We can’t take chances, I’ll make sure that my mom sees the doctor as early as possible.”

Motun, as she’s fondly called, said the possibility of her mother contacting the dreaded disease from Fela can’t be ruled out but does not believe that she could have contacted it through her mother. “Abeg, me l don’t have AIDS. I’m sure my mom too doesn’t have but the best is just to be very sure. If she has it at all it will  be after my birth not before. Me I don’t have AIDS.”

She however said, “it’s a bit shameful that my father will die of AIDS but it’s even sad that Fela died without knowing when and how he did. It’s painful, we’ll all miss him. We weren’t particularly close but then, we still relate like father and daughter and I know he likes me. I’ll miss him.”

Motun, an SSS 1 student at Adebayo Mokuolu College, Anthony Village (Lagos) said while Fela was alive, he was responsible for her education…but now it’s yet to be decided how her education would be funded when she resumes for the next session. “We are waiting for the family to talk.”



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