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Celebrities reveal their New Year resolution

At beginning of every year, a lot of people have always made it a norm to make new resolutions which will guide their conducts throughout the year while some don’t even believe in that at all, seeing it as a waste of time, However, as usual, ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the view of some celebrities on this, and they all shared with us what their New Year resolutions are.


It’s what should be done almost every month – LIZ DA SILVA

It’s neither here nor there as far as I am concerned. Left to me, I don’t think it’s only at the beginning of every year that one should be making a new resolution. It’s what should be done almost every month for easy evaluation of one’s life and career. But be that as it may, I don’t see anything I have been doing wrong before 2017 that I need to change. All I target this year is progress in my career and be positive minded in all I will be embarking on. My prayer this year is to succeed in all I will be doing and for all those that have positive minds towards me should also succeed in all their endeavours.


I want progress in my career – MUKA RAY

I believe in New Year resolution. All I want this year is to progress in my career and business which is exactly what I am working towards. And by the end of 2017, I should have every reason to say Alhamdulillahi.


‘I only set three months projection’-FOLUKE DARAMOLA

I don’t really believe in New Year resolution. I only set a three month projection for myself which I always work towards. After which I check back to see if I have met up with the goals I set. But making a new year resolution, to me, is like putting myself under undue pressure which I don’t like.


‘To double my pace’- BIMBO THOMAS

Sure. I want to double up my pace towards success this year, strive even harder to attain greater heights in my career and business. Then, continue to make impact no matter how little. I am also expanding my tentacles this year, developing my entertainment skills, and quite a lot of my pending projects will be executed by the special grace of God.


‘Take things easy’ – DAMI-ANN

Yes, I believe in it. My New Year resolution is to take things easy as I pursue my career and ambitions. What’s mine will be mine no matter how much I worry. So, this year and onwards, I have resolved to worry less and be less anxious. Then be happy and live life as it comes.


‘To do everything golden way’- SAIDI BALOGUN

Yes, I believe in New Year resolution. This year, my resolution is to do everything the golden way now that I have attained the golden age. By February 5, I will be 50. So, I am a golden boy already, the age that attracts more maturity in every conduct.


‘To move to cinema’- GINA MENSAH

Yes, my New Year resolution is to stop doing Alaba movies. I want to move to cinemas. Then, I want to strive harder and produce good movies and stop working for peanuts. I really want to attain greater heights in my career this year.



No. New Year is not an opportunity to change who you are, but you should reflect on the previous years and how to do things better and improve on the steps taken the previous day.



I don’t think I believe in New Year resolution, but I believe in resetting your illusions, it might require you taking stock, reconsider some goals and preparing afresh where you missed it.



I don’t believe in New Year resolutions, but I do believe in individual’s having goals and objectives for the New Year. These goals will guide us all through the year to make sure the year is productive and fulfilling.



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